Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


9. Forever and Always

Zayn's P.O.V 

There were a few gun shots and the girls went up stairs Conner and his four friends came in and was looking for Jana  and they wanted to take the girls so Jana wouldn't be 'lonely' we all got into a huge fight and his four friends left I was snapped out of my thoughts by Niall screaming on the ground 

"Niall are you alright?!" Greg yelled as we all helped him up 

"I'm fine I think my wrist is broken but where are the girls Conner didn't leave" 

"He went up stairs and they are in your room in the closet" I said 

"They should be safe because Jana and I made a little hole in the wall and made it into a tunnel type thing it can fit up to 4 people and there is a piece to put over it so they are safe as long as he isn't smarter than Jana and his face is really beat up" He replied as their was 4 different screams but all in unison. 

"I think he found them and of course it is you threw punches at him more than we could" Harry said as we all darted up the stairs. 

"Ni-" Jana got cut off with Conner putting a Jana in a Choke hold 

"Conner please don't" she said with tears streaming down her face. 

"SHUT UP!" He pulled tighter as the cops came running in 

"Let the girl go, and put your hands up" a guy yelled 

Conner just pulled on her tighter 

"Conner look at her shes terrified, shes crying, I know you don't want to except but she doesn't want you anymore you hurt her shes lost all interest I mean who would want to except that just let her go if you pull any tighter she could die" Niall said trying convince him as we went and got the girls from the closet 

"No" He said as he pulled tighter you can see Jana trying to gasp for air

"LET THE GIRL GO!" The lady officer yelled 

Someone came and tapped Niall on the shoulder 

"Medics are here do you or anyone else need it?" a Lady asked 

"Yes mam I think my wrist is broken" Niall said. 

"Come down stairs with me and we'll take a look at it" she said. 

"Okay one second guys you wanna take the girls to the medics down stairs" he asked

"Niall you go too I'll stay to get Jan" Harry said 

"Alright thanks Haz" he said and we all walked down stairs


Harry's P.O.V


Conner pushed Jana to the ground and put his hands up one of the officers handcuffed Conner and the other helped Jana as she ran straight to me and hugged me 

"Jan are you alright?" 

"Yea are you boys and the girls alright?" she asked not letting go of me 

"Yes love we are fine but Niall thinks he broke his wrist" 

"W-What"she stuttered 

"Hes fine he did it by fighting trying to get to you lets get you down stairs" I said as I took her down the stairs and outside. 

"JANA HARRY OVER HERE!" Perrie yelled 

We both ran to everyone else 

Jana's P.O.V

"Jana are you alright?" Liam asked 

"Yea I'm fine" I replied as I hugged Niall 

"Are you sure Babe he had a tight grip on your next" He said holding onto me

"Yea I'm perfectly fine" I replied

"HEY JANA!!" A Boy yelled from my drive way. 

I turned around and saw my older brother I haven't seen hin in forever because he went to the army when I was 14 I darted off running to my driveway and into his arms 

"Drake your home! Your home!" I said as he dropped his stuff and picked me up 

"Yea I am and I'm here to stay Jana what happened?" 

"My first boyfriend Conner abused me and he was the only person who treated me right besides Niall and he left when I turned 15 and Niall came home and Conner took me to the movies and He said I couldn't talk or see him again and I told him off saying I told him I was going to hang out with him weather he likes it or not and I knew I would  regret it and he punched me in the face that's how I got this bruise so I ran into the movie theater bathroom called Niall since he gave me his new number as fast as I could and He and his friends came and technically saved me and now Niall and I are dating and Conner and his stupid ass friends came and Conner put me in a choke hold and hes getting arrested" I said all in one breath 

"Aw Jan I'm so sorry that happened to you why didn't you tell anyone?"He asked 

"Long story to long to tell" 

"I thought I'd come home and see you first because I'm going to go change and I'm going to go see Mom Dad and Mark" 

"Alright I'm staying at Niall's so go get changed and go" I said 

"Alright go back to your friends and Boyfriend" He said and I ran off back to Niall 

"Who was that?" Danielle asked 

"My older brother Drake he just got home from the army and now hes leaving to go see my Mom and my Dad and my other brother" 

"Alright kids you can go back inside now but miss Jones would you like to press charges?" The police lady asked 

"Yes mam and you guys can go inside I'll be there in a minute" 

"Alright what exactly did he do to you?" She asked as everyone but Niall went inside 

"Hes punched me in the face, hes told me I cant hang out with my friends anymore, hes kneed me in my stomach, he broke my boyfriends hand  he broke into my boyfriends hose last night and tried to kidnap me" I told her as Niall wrapped an arm around me  

"Has he ever sexually assaulted you or touch you in anyway?"

"No mam" I said 

"Alright Honey you can go inside and relax and you better take care of her shes been through a lot" she said 

"I will don't worry I got this broken hand because I fought so hard just to get to her" 

"You two make a lovely couple have a nice day" 

"Thank you and you too" I said as I turned and hugged Niall and buried my face into his neck

"Are you alright Jan?" he replied wrapping his arms around me 

"I'm fine I'm just glad you guys are okay when you screamed I thought you got shot and his face looked really beat up" I said 

"Nope just a broken wrist and Its supposed to I started throwing punches at him before anyone else could" 

"I love you" 

"I love you too Jana Forever and Always lets get in the house before it starts raining" He said as we walked inside 

Niall and I walked inside to a vacant living room and dining room everyone must be laying down and relaxing 

"Ni I'm going to go lay down for a little bit" I said to Niall

"Alright love I'll be down here if you need me alright?"

I nodded gave him a quick kiss and walked upstairs changed into one of my spaghetti strap tank-tops & pair of Pajama shorts and went to sleep thinking about how messed up my life is and how it might get better now that Niall is here. 



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