Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


28. first night in the house

Niall's P.O.V 

Jana looked terrified when we got in the room I beat the ever living hell out of him I mean all the boys hurt him but I was on top of him the entire time Liam and the boys had to pull me off I saw Jana crying her eyes out into harry's chest when I left to get the blood off of my hands when I came into the room she hugged the rest of the boys first and then she hugged me and wouldnt let go 

"Guys I have some blood on me I'm going to get it off" Jana said and walked to the kitchen 

"I'm gonna make sure shes alright" I said and got up

"Ni" She asked her voice shaking her back was to me

"It's me babe its alright" I said touching her shoulder

She let out a sigh 

"Whats wrong" I said wrapping my arms around her from behind 

"He was out on bail and h-he hurt Drake he broke into my house hes going to get me" She said all at once I let go of her and walked in front of her 

"Hes not laying a hand on you I promise" I pulled her into a hug 

"Thank you" She mumbled into my neck 

"Jana I love you with all my Heart no need to thank me your my girl and my best friend that's never going to change" I said kissing her head 

"You guys can go home now or when ever" Jana said 

"We are going to go home after the movie because our parents and siblings are there but im pretty sure Nialler will stay" Louis said wiggling his eye brows up and down

"Really Louis??" I said as Jana burst out laughing and then Louis started staring at Jana mischievously 

"Ni I love you but hes scaring Me with that smile I'm sitting next to Hazza and Li" She said and sat on Harry's lap 

"Hi love" He said

"Hi Curly!!!" She said excitedly as Lou charged at her and she got up and ran

"Lou stay away from me" She warned 

"Scare are ya love?" He asked 

"Yes yes I am stay away" She said as she started back into the living room and Louis pounced on her

"Got ya!!!" He said 

"LOU GET OFF ME!!" She yelled 

"NO!" He said and sprawled his body out over her back 

"BOYS GET HIM OFF ME!!" She groaned 

"NO!" Louis yelled 

Jana started coughing really bad 

"I.... cant... breathe" She gasped

OH MY GOD JANA IM SO SORRY" Louis yelled jumping up as Jana tripped Louis and pinned him down

"Lou you fell for that??" She laughed

"Your a really good actor please get off me"

She got up and sat on my lap 

"The paps are banging on our hotel room doors we have to go"  Liam said 

"Alright bye boys!!!" She said hugging them 

"Stay out of trouble" Harry pointed at her seriously

"Yes Curly now go I'll call you later" Jana said as they left 

"I love you Jan" 

"I love you too" She said as she yawned

"lets get you into bed" I said turning off the tv and taking Jana upstairs into bed 

I was still in my t-shirt and sweat pants so I took off my shirt and pants and crawled into bed with Jana we didnt bother turning on a light she changed into one of my old t-shirts she had and it went down to her knees 

"Night Niall" she said and kissed me 

"Night my love" 

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