Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


38. First concert

Harry's P.O.V

We all lounged around in the bus for a while Jazza, Ni Jaclyn and I went to lay down before the show Jacy went and laid down in our bunk and I went to ask Ni a question and he and Jana were already asleep I was amazed I guess they were tired I went to the bathroom and changed into sweatpants and then went back to my Bunk climbed in and shut the curtain I laid next to Jaclyn and kissed her forehead and she jumped

"JESUS HARRY! You scared me!!" She yelled I didn't realize she had earphones in till she took them out 

"I'm sorry" I kissed her cheek 

"I love you" She said smiling

"I love you too" I replied as she laid down on my chest I put my arm around her and sang Just the way you are as she fell asleep I couldn't sleep because I could hear louis but about 10 minutes later everything was quite they must have fallen asleep and I fell asleep. 


"EVERYBODY UP!!!" Paul yelled we all jerked up and got out of bed 

"Did all of you guys sleep??" He asked 

"Yea" Louis said holding on to El 

"Well wake up" Paul said as Jade Chloe Lila and Bella walked in slowly like Zombie slow 

"We dont wanna get up we're tired" Lila said 

"I agree with Li on that one" Jana yawned 

"Mmhmm"Jade said 

"ITS SHOW TIME!!!" Simon yelled we all looked at each other and took off running  into the Arena Jaclyn pulled on my arm 

"Who are all of these people in hoodies?" She asked 

"Other Celebrities" I informed her and she just nodded 

"Come on we need to hurry" A lady said grabbing all of us 

"Jana this is Lou our hair stylist" Niall told Jana as we entered a room 

"Hi Nice to meet you" Lou said 

"You too" Jana said as she sat down in a make up chair

"This is Caroline our other stylist" I said 

"Hi your Jana right?" She asked putting makeup on Jana 

"Thats me" She said as there were knocks on the door 

"Perrie can you get that for me?" Lou asked 

"Sure" She got up and answered it and Kelly clarkson and others came in  

"Hey guys!!!" Kelly said 

"Hey" We said in unison 

"Alright Jana your done" Caroline said letting her up 

"Thank you" 

"Ahh so you're the new girl!!"Kelly said 

"Yea thats me" She smiled 

"I'm Kelly" 

"I'm Taylor"

"I'm Christina" 

"I'm Cameron, This is Zach and Michael." 

"You know me but this is Max, Siva,Tom, and Jay"

"Nice to meet you and Yes of course Nath I do" She said hugging him Jaclyn got up and hugged him too the boys' and my eyes widened as we saw her hug him 

"I'm Jana" 

"Nice too meet you and how do you Nath here" Jay asked

"You too and Nathan and He was...... I was 14 and he was 15 he moved into my neighborhood  " Jana said smiling ( I think I got my math right if its not im sorry guys -taylor)

"Jazza who da HELL is this???" Bell said showing her a picture

"My friend Sam why?" 

"Hes cute! Why arent you dating him?" She asked 

"HEY!" Niall said 

"GROSS!" Jana exclaimed everyone laughed 

"Im not dating Sam because one I got somebody else two hes my BEST friends brother Two For crying out loud hes might become my step-brother and Three GROSS"

Those are very good reasons" Nathan said laughing at the last one

"But your dating someone??" Christina asked Taylor left


"I'm guessing Niall because he said HEY! when she said that" Siva said 

"Yeah" Niall said 

" You boys go get to your dressing rooms and get changed" Lou ordered and we shuffled out 

Perrie's P.O.V

*Janas phone starts ringing* 

"Jazza is this your phone right?" Nathan asked tossing it to her

"Yeah thanks" She said and declined the call 

"Jana your on in in 10 minutes" A lady said 

"We're going to get our seats" Kelly said and left with the girls

"Nervous?" Zach asked 

"Just a little not much" 

"Thats good" Jay said as the boys came back in 

Jana grabbed her clothes and left the room

"Shes nervous" Bella said 

"No doubt" 

"She hiding it again?" Niall asked 

"Yea" We said in unison 

"What??" Tom asked 

"Jana ever since we were kids she would hide her emotions OR what shes feeling but she will always do something before hand but I could tell period when somethings wrong" Niall said smiling 

"Wait wheres Louis at" El asked 

Right on que we heard Jana screamed 

"LOUIS!" She yelled 

"Found him" Lou said (Teasdale)

We all laughed

"Keep that thing away from me" She yelled and ran inside she tripped and hit her head on the wall 

"JANA!" Everyone yelled Niall bounced up and helped her up

"I'm fine that just really REALLY hurt" She said rubbing her head

"Jana I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry"

"Louis its fine" She said giving us a reassuring smile

"Boys go take your seats Jana your on in 5" a lady said The wanted and all start weekend got up and left 

"Okay Im a lot more nervous now" She said

"Babe you'll be fine and if your head starts hurting come backstage immediately" Niall said sternly 

"I will" 

"Boys to your dressing rooms Lou needs to put your stuff on" The boys filed out of the room and the girls went with them jade and the dancers went to get water and to start stretching  

Jana's P.O.V

"Ni I'm scared" I said I am literally shaking

"You'll be fine I promise you'll do perfect" He said 

"Jana your on" 

"I love you" I said

"I love you too go rock it" He said and kissed me and I left to go on stage 

"Shes a new singer just got signed to Syco records and is just starting out so this is all covers and is dating One direction's Niall Horan that part made me laugh a bit because everybody mentions it Its Jana!! I walked out onto center stage with Jade Chloe Bella and Lila and the screams erupted EVERYWHERE 

"Alright this song belongs to a good friend of mine no other than Justin Bieber" I said and the crowd screamed louder I saw everyone in the front row as Chasing the sun by The wanted started playing I literally looked at Nathan like every ten seconds I was nervous I know The wanted and One direction have issues with each other but that doesn't mean I have to right? So I started singing after I was done doing two of their songs I decided to answer a few twitter questions

"Alright how about some twitter questions" I said and they got pulled up 

"Is it true that your from California?!?! and can you do a roundoff because I know not sure about anyone else but your cousin is a gymnast??" I read into the microphone 

"Yes I am from California and I'll try but I might hurt myself" I handed the Microphone to Ja-Ja I went backstage took off my shoes and ran across the stage I did a front flip pushed off my feet Did a spiral turn like a cheerleader and did  a double backflip and landed on my feet. The crowd went crazy and I looked at the boys and Nathan was whistling causing me to laugh 

"That was from Lexi and Breanna section A row 2 where are you....." I said looking and I found them and waved 

"HOLD ON!!" Zayn shouted into the microphone and they crowd screamed as loud as they could

"I thought you said you aren't a gymnast." Harry said

"I said nothing about my cousin and So what I can do a couple of moves next question" 

"Since your dating Niall can we get a Kiss lol" Louis read out loud 

"I dont see why not" I said and kissed Niall

The crowd cheered 

"That was from Nicole and Jessa Upper level section 5 Seats 21 and 22" 

"You are right there" Jana points 

"HI GUYS!!!" 

"Last one" I said 

"Who are these boys in this picture because they are really cute! and Can you do a Vault???" It was attached with a picture with my and my brothers

"Those are my brothers they one on my left is Drake hes my older brother and the one on the right is Mark and is my little brother! and I will try hold on" 

"Go backstage and get that big metal stand hurry" I said and Liam and Harry left 

"Babe can you do this?" Niall asked me 

"Yea I'll try and you'll catch me if I Say your name because Ive had a hard time doing Vaults" 

"Yea I'll catch you" Niall said I glanced at Nathan and the boys and Nathan looked worried and scared as hell along with the rest of them Nath probably told them my problems Ive had with the Vault 

"Alright I used to work here and me and some friends made this so we could practice may I mind you I have always had a hard time with Vaults Niall here is going to catch me if I say something in mid air because I dont want to hurt myselff" I handed the Microphone to Louis as the stood back 

I went down about a yard away from the vault and ran at it I jumped off the mini trampoline and pushed myself up and did some spins I was really high up 


"Jana you can do this" My sister told me 

"This is her thing not mine" I said 

"Jana we know you have trouble with the Vault since Niall left but you have to jump on this we are here we just want to see if you can do it" My cousin told me it was the first time I went out with my sister and cousin since Niall left and the first time I left my bedroom it was also the last time I saw my Sister

"Fine" I gave in and started and I did spins and fell on my stomach and hit my head knocking me out i woke up and the next thing I was in a white building and hospital for 2 months

"Time for the boys to perform" I said and hugged the boys and ran off stage 

Nathan walked into my dressing room I didn't realize it until I walked in and thought I was talking to myself

"That scared me shitless" I breathed wiping my tears 

"Scared me too love and I know that took a lot of strength to do" Nathan said 

I jumped 

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you" He said walking up to me 

"Its fine" I said wiping my tears again the flashback broke me I couldnt fight it I mean it was the last time I saw my sister 

"I know it hurts" He said wrapping me in a hug 

"I missed you" I said hugging him back 

"I missed you too but your boyfriend and friends don't like me and my friends so much" He said holding on to me

Max Siva Jay and Tom walked in this time 

Nathan released me I wiped my tears and turned around 

"Jana that was really impressive" Max said

"Thank you" 

"Nath told us what happened when you were younger and the last time you did the Vault" Siva said

"I could tell you guys looked Worried" I laughed 

"Are you alright??" Tom asked 

"Yeah" I said and grabbed my phone 

"I go back on in 10 minutes" I said scrolling through twitter 

I handed my phone to nathan

"Look at the picture" I was laughing my ass off and he started laughing and handed to the boys 

"I remember that! it was your sixteenth birthday and we decided to have a cake fight and then we took pictures of the aftermath" He said through fits of laughter

They handed me my phone back and we all died down 

"Where did you find that" 

"Drake found it in a box of old pictures with the rest of them we took from when we went to the lake" 

"Do you mind sending me copies?" He asked 

"Yea Ill send you some" I said

"And by the way you totally rocked our song" Siva said as they all agreed 

"Haha Thank you but its nothing compared to you guys" I said 

"Well for a girl you rocked it" Max said 

"Thank you"

"We are going to go talk to some people see ya when you go back out" Siva said and they left 

"Are you sure your okay?" Nathan asked

I turned back around

"Yea but you didnt tell them about my erm sister did you??" I asked

"No love I never told anyone like I promised" He said wrapping me in a hug again 

"I really did miss you" I said 

"I missed you too" He laughed and released me 

" I have to go back on" I said 

"After your songs your leaving and we have to go to a photoshoot can I have your number so we can keep in contact????" 

"Yea" We switched phones and put our numbers in

"Jana your on" Niall ran in sweating 

"Alright lets do this" I said throwing my phone on the counter I gave Nathan a hug and ran out

I put my ear pieces back in and ran back out on stage

"IM BACK!!" I yelled into the microphone and they screamed 

"Alright this song belongs to more people I adore All star weekend" They screamed really really loud as the band started playing I just wanna dance with somebody  

The whole crowd started singing along when it ended I said bye and ran to my dressing room 

"Jana you did AMAZING!!" Harry said 

"Thanks you" 

Niall looked at me with sad eyes.

"Alright we all need showers" 

"Follow me" I said and led everyone to the locker rooms

"And we're aloud to be in here??"Liam asked 

"Yeah but hurry they lock the door soon" we all went into separate locker rooms and we all took showers 

*1 hour later* 

Jaclyns P.O.V

"TO THE US WE GO!!!!!" Louis said 

"I love the UK but I miss the states LEGGO!" Jana yelled

"I'm sleeping" I said as Jana and I grabbed our duffle bags 

We all walked out to the parking lot and onto the bus I through my Duffle bag in the compartments outside and and we were organizing the bags so there was room for our Instruments We both turned around to see Nathan standing about 5 feet away from us we ran over to him and hugged him he picked us both up and spun us around I dont get why Niall and the boys hate The wanted Nathan is a really nice guy 

"Bye girls" He said setting her down 

"Bye Nath" we said hugging him one last time 

"Promise me you'll both call me." He said 

"I promise just promise you'll answer" Jana said 

"I promise I will" He said 

"Jana we gotta go!" El yelled shouted from the bus

"Bye" Nathan said kissing our foreheads 

"Bye" We said running back to the bus and we both shut the compartments we both took one last glance at Nathan as we got back on the bus


Jana and I hugged each other as we went into our bunks 



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