Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


40. First class

Jana's P.O.V

Earlier Niall told all of us girls to go into the bedroom type things in the back of the plane by our bags which is first class in the front is Coach so we all went and laid down and fell asleep I was woken up by someone's hand over my mouth I started kicking and screaming and I woke up the girls who also who had people covering their mouths I pried off the guys hand off my mouth I noticed that they had masks on and yelled 

"NIALL BOYS HELP!!!" We screamed as loud  I could which was pretty loud since you have to scream over the family and fans and what not in the crows at the soccer games and Niall and the boys ran in laughing 

The guys took of the masks laughing and it turned out to be the band for the boys 

"YOUR JERKS!" El yelled 

"We're sorry we couldn't help it, it was pretty funny" Josh laughed 

"Just remember this There is NOTHING I do better than revenge" (sorry I just had to it went perfectly lol)

"Its true" Jaclyn said 

"Trust me they died my hair when I was 13 so just watch out" He said

"Please sit down we will be landing soon also please turn off all electronic devices" The lady said on the intercom the guys got up and went back to their seats 

"its only two o'clock" Eleanour said smiling 

"Whos in for the beach" Chloe suggested  

"Bell you coming?" Perrie asked she was looking at Peter 

"Um Yea" She walked with us to to get our bags 

We changed into our swimsuits and put our clothes back on We waited 15 minutes and we got off the plane we went to baggage claim grabbed our bags got in the van we met up with the boys dancers too there names were T.J Peter, Carter, Carson and Chase and then we left to the hotel

I texted Nathan saying we landed  then I realized that it was probably like one in the morning there 

*Text CONVO*

Hey Nath :) We just landed and we're at the hotel I know its like one in the morning there I'm sorry if I woke you up. Love ya :) 

I got a instant reply 

"Hey Jazza I'm glad you got there safely and I wasn't sleeping I can't sleep but go have fun love you too :)" 

"Aww try closing your eyes and picture somewhere being HAPPY!! lol and Text me when you wake up night xx" 


"The boys are coming so lets go!!!" Dani shouted 

Lila and I grabbed our mini duffle bags and through our skateboards in them thank god they fit and we walked to venice beach and it was like right in front of the hotel lila and I saw the Skatepark and we couldn't resist that much anymore we got down to the beach and we took off our clothes so we could swim everyone except The girls and I we just took off our shirts

"Are you guys going in the water" Peter asked with the Boys behind him 

"Nope" we said popping the P we unzipped our duffle bags and brought out our boards

"We will after" Perrie said 

"After we show up some Cali boys" Lilia said 

"Can we watch?" Harry asked

"Sure" We said we grabbed our bag and walked back up the beach 

Lila and I walked up the the park and immediately the boys spotted us

"Look boys looks like we got some challengers" a guy with really wavy hair said 

"You two skaters?" He asked 

"We wouldn't be holding skateboards if we weren't" Lila said

"Good point what are your names?" He smiled the rest of his so called "crew" came behind him 

"I'm Jana and this is Lila" I said

"Show us what you got" He said and the boys got off the park and onto the ledges we ran up the sides of the park and got up 

Lila and I hi-fived each other and got on the ledges 

"Whenever your ready" He said Right when he said that we dropped and started skating one of them came right in front of us on purpose unexpectedly and Lila crashed I jumped off my board and let it hit the wall 

"LILA!" Peter yelled and jumped down 


"You girls cant skate to save your life's" He spat 

"Dude are you kidding me these girls rock your just afraid of being replaced your out leave NOW" I  was guessing hes was the Captain and he left

Lilas P.O.V

I saw one of the skaters out something on the ground in front of my board and I tried to stop but I was to late and my Board flipped over and I landed on the ground flat on my back it knocked the window out of me I heard Peter yell and I saw him by my side along with everyone else I guess the guy that saw us was the Captain and he started yelling at the guy that tripped me I was really dizzy and it was heard to breathe 

"You girls dont listen to him he cant say anything are you okay Lila and by the way I'm James"

"Yea I'm fine it just knocked the window out of me"

"You sure that was a hard fall" Peter said 

"I agree with Peter are you sure?" Jana said

"Yes" I said and got up and hugged Peter he looked like he had a heart attack 

"You sure your okay?" He said

I nodded and we all decided the beach sounds good

"We're gonna go to the beach meet us there?" Niall asked Jana as she was talking 

"Yea babe" She kissed his cheek and we left 

we all raced down to the beach

"Lila are you SURE your okay?" Harry asked

"YES styles I'm fine"

about ten minutes of splashing and dunking people in the ocean we noticed Jana wasn't here  Niall was freaking out 

"What if someone took her?" He was literally about to die 

"Niall calm down" Jaclyn said "I'm sure shes fine she can kick ass!" El said 

that didnt affect anything

"Shes over there laying on a towel see!" Liam pointed 

"Calm down Ni shes fine she probably knows the ins and outs of this place" Harry said 

Niall got out of the water picked her up and dropped her in the water next to Jade

"Thanks"She said sarcastically 



"alright" Jane got on top of Nialls shoulders and Chase got on top of Peters shoulders 

"ONE TWO THREE GO!" The boys all yelled 

They got close to each other and started fighting 

"I bet 10 on Jana!"Liam said 

"I bet 15 on Chase!" Peter yelled 

they both ended up losing we all played for a little while longer and we leftgot to the hotel got our showers changed into different clothes and went to sleep

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