Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


26. first afternoon at the house

Niall's P.O.V

We heard Jana yell and she gripped her arm we all looked at Jana with hurt in my eyes because I hate seeing her hurt and then I was pissed that someone hurt her we all looked at each other and ran to the cars we rode in but instead of Zayn riding with Jan I took his spot 

"Babe let me see your arm" 

"It hurts like hell" She said removing her hand started her car and started driving with her other hand 

"Its not bleeding but it looks like its going to" I said 

"Ni can you drive my arm hurts" She asked pulling over 

"Yeah will one of you help her with her arm??" I said unbuckling 

"I will" Harry said as Lou got in my seat I got in Jana's seat and Jana got in Louis' seat

Harry's P.O.V

"Harry its hurts" She said 

"I know love" 

"Its starting to bleed" She said as she pulled a bandanna from the seat 

I grabbed it from her and wrapped it tight around her arm.

You could tell she was going to cry but I don't think it was because of the pain She laid her head down on my shoulder and I slung my arm around her and rubbed circles on her back

Her phone started ringing and she jumped 

"Jumpy much?" I teased

"Shut it curls" She said and pulled out her phone

"So apparently my My Dad and Brothers can unpack my bedroom and the rest of the rooms in two hours 

"Did they read your stuff???" Niall asked

She scrambled through her contact listen and found her brothers number and called it 

*Phone Convo*

"Hello sister dear" Drake said 

"Dre did you read my stuff???" 

"Oh you mean your Journal??" He said sweetly 

"Dre I swear you bette-" He hung up 

"Niall when we get home dont bother saving my brothers their dead" She said as we pulled into the drive way she got out the car and darted inside and we heard screaming from the inside so we went inside to see what just happened 

"DAD GET HER OFF ME!!!" Drake yelled as we walked in and saw Jana pinning Drake down

"What do you know?!?!" She yelled

"Nothing Niall get your girlfriend off me!!" He yelled 

"Sorry man your on your own" he said 

"Really??!?!" He said

"DAD!!!!!!!!!" He yelled as the others walked in 

"What?!" He said

"Get your daughter off of me" He groaned 

"What did we miss" Zayn said 

"He read her Journal and um that happened" I explained

"Okay then" Liam said 

"Jana get off your brother" Her dad said 

"NO He went through my stuff" She yelled 

"Jana come on" Lou said 


"Babe come on lets go hang out in your room" Niall said 

"He went through my stuff" She said looking up 

"Jana please get off me I have to go meet Ari" 

"Oh and btw You hurt her I swear I'll hurt you before her brother ever gets the chance" She said

"I won't!" He yelled 

"Babe come on get off him" Niall said picked her up 

"I'm proud that you can take down your older brother" Her dad said

"DAD!!!" He yelled

we all laughed 

"Jana got a tattoo!" He yelled 

Jana froze completely 

"Jan we are going to get some smoothies we'll be back" I said knowing they need privacy we all walked out  

Jana's P.O.V

I cannot believe my brother did that

"JANA MARIE JONES YOU WHAT?!?!" My dad yelled

I flinched when he yelled because it reminded me of Conner 

"I got a tattoo dad IM NINETEEN" I yelled back 

"YOUR GROUNDED!!" He yelled 


Drake saw what he did and he looked hurt 


I started crying memories of Conner yelling came back 

"Drake I can't believe you" My voice cracked 

"You dont even know what tattoo I got for your info its a date the exact date I met Niall now both of you leave me alone" I yelled and ran upstairs slammed my door locked it ran onto my bed and cried my eyes out

Drake's P.O.V

I feel awful I told my Dad to leave and I'll calm down her down I told Aria I couldnt make it

*Knock Knock* I heard her crying 

"Jan I'm sorry"

"GO AWAY!" She yelled 

I heard her scream 

"JANA!!!" I yelled and started banging on the door 

"HELP ME!!" She yelled 

"Conner stay away from me" I heard yell 

"Sorry cant do that" He said 

I ticked the lock in a matter of seconds and ran and pushed Conner away from my sister and on to the floor as Jana fell sobbing 

Jana's P.O,V

Conner broke into my room and I couldnt get away My brother rushed in and took him away from me but I saw Drake get punched I cant move and I saw drake fall to the ground 

"DRE!!!" I yelled sobbing 

I got the strength to run into my bedrooms bathroom and locked the door and pulled out my phone I quickly called one of the boys I came accost first which was Harry I called as fast as I could 

"Hello??" He said

"Harry" I sobbed 

"Jana?!? Whats wrong?!?!" He yelled worried 

"C-Conner is here" I stuttered as Conner banged on the bathroom door 

"Harry!!" I cried 

"Love we are on our way" He said 

"JANA GET OFF THE PHONE WITH HIM NOW I TOLD YOU I WOULD GET YOU BACK!!!" He yelled as broke in the bathroom

I screamed as her through my phone on my bed

"JANA!?! JAN!?!" I heard him yell then he hung up 

I ran out of the bathroom and tripped 

"JANA!!" Conner yelled and inched closer and raised his fist 

I heard footsteps coming upstairs and I saw Niall grab Conners arm 

"I wouldn't" He said 

The boys looked at me with hurt eyes before attacking Conner I crawled over to Drake and tried waking him up 

"Dre wake up please" I cried he didnt move

"Dre get up please" It looked like he wasnt breathing 

I called Ari and she came over in 3 seconds and started doing CPR Niall and the boys beat the CRAP out of Conner and Niall went to get the blood off him along with Louis and the other boys Harry stayed and tried getting me away from Dre while they fought I got off the ground and ran into Harry's arms and sobbed into his chest as he sat on my bed

" I cant lose my Brother too" I said

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