Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


16. Fan

Harry's P.O.V 

"Its been 30 minutes they should be here by now" Louis whined as my phone started ringing.

"IT'S JANA!" I yelled everyone rushed into the living room as I answered it 

"Jan" I asked 

"Harry some guy just crashed into us and took off" She said 

"WHAT?!? are you guys okay?!?" I asked 

"Haz I'm fine they wont let me see Niall they think I'm a fan yet I was in the car with him can meet us at the hospital I need you all and our parents are stuck in traffic" She said sounding like shes in tears 

"Yea love what room are you in?" I asked as I grabbed the keys to the van 

"I'm in the lobby they haven't put me in a room in just hurry please" her voice cracked at every few words she said I tossed Lou the keys and we started driving 

"Everyone in the van" 

"Harry I'm worried scared and in pain"

"I know love we are almost there are you alone in the lobby?" I asked as we pulled into the parking lot


"Alright we are in the parking lot we are heading into the hospital" I said 

"okay" she said and hung up 

Jana and I and really close shes like another sister to me and I care about her just like Niall does he probably cares about her more because their dating and no one can compete with Niall's care for her besides her family I was snapped out of my thoughts but Zayn tapping my shoulder and pointing towards Jana on the floor with her knees to her chest and her head in her lap 

"Jana" I said 

She looked up with tear stained cheeks and blood shot eyes and stood up. 

"We are going to go talk to the nurse" Zayn patted me on the shoulder and left with the others 

I walked over to Jana and brought her into a hug as she cried into my chest 

"What if hes not okay" as she yawned 

"Hes gonna be alright" I sat down and brought her onto my lap 

"I'm tired but I don't want to go to sleep" She said as she yawned 

"Jan get some sleep and I'll wake you up when we can see him" 

"You sure?" 

"Yes love" 

"Thank you" She replied as she laid her head down 

"No need to thank me get some rest" I said as I kissed the top of her head 

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Zayn's P.O.V 

It's been almost 1 hour since we all talked to the nurse to see when a Doctor could see Jana and if we could see Niall they told us we'd have to wait to see Niall for an hour or 2 and a Doctor should be here soon when Harry told us when happened and they wouldn't let Jana see him we all knew she had to have been crying Harry wasn't even with her for 5 minutes and shes already asleep on his lap and we all took pictures I think shes gone through enough and her Birthday is tomorrow what ever happens I know Niall and the rest of us will give her the best birthday in the world. I was brought out of my thoughts by a Doctor coming into the room 

"Is this Miss.Jones" He said quietly pointing to her 

 "Yes sir" Harry said quietly 

"She was in the car with Mr.Horan?" 

"Yes sir" 

"Lets take a look at her head" He walked over to Jana and Harry and examined her head

"Do you know when we can go see Niall?" I asked 

"Are you family?" 

"We are his band mates these are our girl friends and she is his girlfriend" I said 

"Only family is aloud they can clear you to go but since Miss.Jones is a girlfriend she can" 

"His Mum said we can go see him" I said

"Then as soon I am done with Miss.Jones I'll take you to his room that hes getting checked up in"

"Thank you" Louis said 

"She should be fine she'll just have to get the blood cleaned up and some pain pills" He said


"I'll take you back now" 

"We'll catch up with you guys I'm gonna wake her up"

"Haz we are going to room 214" I said

He nodded and we left 

Jana's P.O.V

"Jana wake up" someone said and I realized it was Harry as he started to shake me

"hmmmm???" I snuggled close into Harry's chest because I was freezing 

"You want to go see Niall?" He asked. 

I flickered my eyes opened and saw a pair of emerald/Jade green eyes starring at me and It made me blush a little but that's normal I blush like literally a lot. I snapped out of my own thoughts when i remember I haven't answered his question

"Yea" I got up & stretched 

"The doctor came and saw you it took about an hour of convincing for a doctor to see you because you were walking and talking and showing emotion and breathing" He explained as he got up and grabbed my hand

"I'm fine you guys didn't have to do that thanks" He replied grabbed my hand and we started to walk to Nialls room

 "Yes we did you could of had a concussion and will you please stop thanking us your part of the family freaky now" 

"Fine" I said as we stopped in front of room 214

"You ready?" He asked

"I'm nervous at what I might see" 

"Liam texted me saying hes fine come on" He said giving me a reassuring smile as he opened the door to reveal my freaky family and my Niall laughing 

When Harry and I walked into the room everything went silent but Niall didn't know why in till he saw us and tears started going down my cheeks as he rushed and picked me up 

"Thank god your alright they wouldn't tell me if you were okay or not or if you were alive" He said 

"They would let me see you they thought I was a fan" I replied as I tugged on the back of his hair a little

He chuckled a bit 

"So your not a fan" He asked as he put me down. 

"I didn't mean it like that" I said and punched him 

"I know what you meant" He said and kissed me

"More importantly are you okay" Dani asked

"Yea I'm fine I just want to go home and go to bed" I said 

"From what I saw and heard you fell asleep on Harry's lap" He said and laughed 

"Hey crying is a lot of hard work and not to mention getting in an accident before hand." I said defending myself

"We're going to go pull the van up and we are going to sign your release papers" Harry said as everyone left.

"Why were you crying" He asked with his hands still around my waist 

"I didn't know what happened to you or if you were okay or if you were alive or not, you can ask Harry how red my eyes were" I replied with my one of my arm around his neck and the other resting on his shoulder with my hand tangled in his hair 



"I'll always be okay as long as your safe" He said as he pulled me into another hug. 

"Hey guys we can now leave the hospital and your parents and brothers are gonna meet us at the house " Zayn popped his head in 

Niall wrapped his arm around my waist as we made are way into the van 

"you got a big day tomorrow" Perrie said as my Mind pounding and my side started hurting.

"No no I don't" I said as I laid my head down on Niall's shoulder 

"You do know what tomorrow is right?" Louis asked with a suspicious look on his face

"Yes I do my birthday isn't a big deal" 

"WHAT!!??!!" everyone said 

"Your turning 19 its a HUGE deal" Liam said 

"I don't celebrate my birthday anymore" I said looking down at my hands 

"Jana you used to love your birthday" Niall said with a bit of concerned voice 

"Jana we know Conner probably ruined your birthdays but we aren't him if you truly know these boys they rock at throwing parties" El said 

"I dunno..." 

"Come on........" Zayn whined 

"Fine but nothing big" I said as the car stopped my mind is pounding and my side hurts so bad I didn't even realize driving and just arrived at Niall's house.and our parents ran to the car opening the door and drake yanked me out and hugged me tight causing me to gasp in pain 

"Jan whats wrong" Drake asked 

"My side hurts that's all"

"Sweetie you need to come home and rest" My mom said rubbing my back

"Alright I'll be there in a minute " I said sadly 

"That goes for you too Niall" His mom said as she and Greg walked inside 

"I'll call you guys before I go to bed" I said and hugged Niall 

"Make sure you do" Niall said kissing the top of my head 

"Night guys" I said and gave everyone else a hug and walked to my house shaking because of how cold it was 

I walked into my house my mom handed me dinner my parents gave me a kiss and brothers gave me a hug as I walked up stairs set my dinner down on my bed and walked into the bathroom and took a shower 

*Skip Shower*

I got out of the shower wrapped a towel around me and walked into my room got changed into a tank-top and of Niall's sweats that he left at my house and climbed into bed started started eating and I grabbed my phone and dialed Niall's number 

"Hello" He sighed 

"Baby whats wrong you sound upset and depressed" 

"I can't relax" 


"Because your not here" 

"I'm right across the street" 

"But your not here laying with me" 

"Then maybe if I get this house you can come live with me." I said hesitantly 

"Wait what" He said 

"Would you like to move in with me when I get this house I'm looking at?" 

"Are you kidding are you sure you want me there" He asked shocked 

"Niall I wouldn't be asking you if I didn't want you around I know it might be fast but I might not get this house in about 4 months or more"

"Jan you don't even have to ask me so hell yea I'll move in with you"

"Yay! Now get some sleep" 

"Alright I'll come pick you up at 10:30 love you" 

"Love you too" I said as we both hung up 

I promised the boys I'd call them too so I dialed Zayn first since he was probably with Perrie 

"Hello???" A girls voice rang through the phone 


"Oh hey Jan"

"Hey I told you guys I would call so I called Zayn because I figured you were with him"

"Yea I am your on speaker say hi to Zayn" 

"Hey Zayn!" I said 

"Hey Jana!!!" 

"What ya doin?" Perrie asked 

"Lounging in my bed room listening to my playlists flipping through magazines and eating dinner you guys?"

"watching a movie" 

"Oh I'll let you go so you can enjoy your movie and I have to call Liam Dani El Lou and Haz" 

"Alright see you in the morning" Perrie said and hung up 

Next up Lou and El

"Helloooooo??? Louis said dragging the "O"

"Lou!!!!" I said excitedly 

"JANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled 

"HI JAN!" El yelled across the room

"Hey El!!" 

"Whats my new non-related sister" Lou said like a teenage girl 

" Nothing much dreading being alone in my bed room you guys"

"Getting ready for bed" El said 

"You guys tired?" 


"I'm gonna let you go I have to call Li and Dani" 

"Alright Night Jan" They said in unison

now Dani and Li

"Hey Jana!" They said 

"Hey Li hey Dani" 

"Just calling to say night like I said I would" 

"So your in bed?" Dani asked 

"Yea I'm calling every body last person is Haz"

"Well why dont you call him so you can get into bed" Liam said 

"alright Night Dani!!


"Alright Jan your off speaker" Liam said 

"Alright well I have to go Night Li-Li"

"Nite Jan" he said as he hung up 

Last but not least Harry 

*RING.... RING.... RING...* 

"Hi this is Harry I can't get to the phone right now please leave a message and Ill call you back" *Beep* 

"Hey Hazza its Jana just calling to say night like I said I would see you tomorrow bye" I hung up 

I plugged in my earphones and put on my playlist and put it on replay and went to sleep.

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