Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


25. Did I make it?

Harry's P.O.V

Jana has an amazing voice and she just met Justin Bieber and She looked like she was going to scream or in other words about to fan girl turns out she might be a big Justin Bieber fan just like Niall I was snapped out of my thought by Simon 

"So boys was that the first time you heard her sing?" He asked

"Without other people around yes but in all reality no" I said 

You could tell Jana was nervous she was literally shaking but she controlled it very well

"I'm going to go grab my Guitar real fast"She said and walked back into the studio 

"Shes a very Talented singer is she self-taught? He asked 

"Yea she taught herself Guitar when she was about 12 almost 13 when I told her I would  teach her but she wanted to do it herself" Niall said right when Jana walked out 

"Because I don't know if you noticed but I used to be independent and I sometimes still am" She said 

"I was thinking would you like to be signed to Syco records??" He asked 

Jana looked shocked and was ready to freak out 

"Are you joking??" She asked 

"No would you like to be signed?" 

"Yeah" She had a huge smile on her face 

"Alright follow me to sign some papers" She nodded

"Babe we'll outside a cross the street getting some food okay???" Niall said 

"Alright see you guys in a few" She said and followed Simon 

"I can't believe Jana did it!" El exclaimed

"I'm really happy for her" Niall said as we ordered our food 

"She did amazing and Is she a big Justin Bieber fan? Zayn asked 

"Haha yea shes a big Justin Bieber fan just like I am" He said as we walked out of the fast food place and  walked back over to the record studio we set the food in the van as Jana walked out and put her Guitar in the back of her car shut the door as Niall raced to her picked her up and spun her around

"I DID IT!!" She said hugging Niall 

"You did amazing" He said as he set her down 

"Did you get signed" I asked 

"Yeah!" She said as she pecked Nialls lips

"Well from us to you WELCOME TO SYCO RECORDS!" Louis yelled as Paparazzi came and ambushed us from behind the van

Jana's P.O.V




They all yelled one hit me in the arm with their camera and it hurt like hell

"OW!!!! I yelled I gripped my arm 




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