Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


11. Catching up part 2

 Zayn's P.O.V

After Harry put Jana down we all started talking 

"So Jana since I haven't seen you since you were 15 whats new and what hasn't changed" Niall asked

"What do you want first whats new or what hasn't changed?" 

"How about what hasn't changed" I suggested 

"Alright well I still play Soccer I still like doing stupid things and technically acting like a 4 year old, I still am incredibly stubborn according to my family and I still have my love for music." She said 

"You still loving music doesn't surprise me mostly because your mom said you are one of those kids that just genetically has a passion for music" Niall said 

"What kind of stupid things?" Harry asked 

"Pranks and stuff like that" She said 

"Now what about new?" Liam said 

"I dated Conner pretty obvious there erm and nothing else really" she said 

"so you genetically love music right?" Louis said

"Do you play anything or sing?" I asked asked 

"Um yea." she replied 

"What do you do" Dani asked 

"Um Piano Guitar and I sing." 

"Cool" I replied 

"Now what about you guys?" 

"What about us" Liam said 

"What are you guys like because honestly I've only known you guys for a few days and as far as I can tell we all get along" 

"Zayn's the quite one, Liam's the mature one AKA Daddy direction but messes around at times, Louis is the Loud and funny one, Harry here is known to the world as the flirt and El is Louis' girlfriend Dani is Liam's girlfriend, and Perrie is Zayn's girlfriend and they all are technically like you. Niall said while putting his arm around Jana

"Cool" She said

"Oh hey Jan I gave everybody your number is that alright?" Niall asked 

"Yea that's fine if you guys send me a text just add your name to the end and ill save it"

"Alright" Harry said 

Niall's P.O.V

Conner is gone Jana's my girlfriend I have all my best friends with me and shes safe, I was snapped out of my thoughts by Greg

"Hey I'll back in a little bit" He said as he walked up to the door opens it and shut it and didn't walk out and he put a finger to his lips to tell everyone to be quite 

"So you play soccer Jana?" Liam asked 

"Yea" she replied 

"How long?" Louis asked 

"Since I was about 6" she said as Greg scared her by picking her up throwing her over his shoulder and started carrying her outside to the backyard 

"GREG PUT ME DOWN" she yelled at the top of her lungs 

"I'm good" he said as she tried to grab onto the door frame but failed and everyone ran out back. 

"NI-" She started to say but got cut off by getting thrown into the pool 

"GREG!!" She screamed 

"Sorry Jan couldn't resist" he said

"You do know I'm Going to get you for that right"

"Come out of the pool and you can go get changed" I said holding a towel as she got out of the pool



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