Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


19. Birthday bash part 3/4 and meeting the family

A/N:Hey guys!!!!!!!! if the chapter is really crappy im sorry I only had 2 hours of sleep last night xx -Taylor

Eleanor's P.O.V

So we left the mall amazed by how Jana ran she ran around half of the Mall and back we just got to the hotel took us about 5 minutes or so to get everything Make-up, clothes,hair products ect and we ran back down the stairwell and got back into the van and went to Jana's house we all took showers and now we are trying to get ready luckily Jana had 4 extra bathrobes we set all of our phones down on the counter in case any of the boys called or texted 

"What should we do first" Dani said 

We all glanced at each other 

"Clothes" We said in unison 

Jana had her top with a pair of Blue skinny jeans Dani had her top with a Black pair of skinny jeans, Perrie had her top with a pair of Blue skinny jeans, and I had my top also with a pair of Blue skinny jeans.we all changed we got started on make-up 

Perrie Did my make up while I did Jana's she did Dani's and Dani did Perrie's

"Is this party going to be big?????" Jana asked 

"It should be why?" I said 

"I just don't want Conner or his friends there" 

"He wont we promise" Dani said giving her a reassuring smile

"Alright" She said as her phone started playing A thousand years by Christina Perri 

"Love the ring tone" I told her 

"Its Niall's ringtone" She said as she reached for her phone and picked it up 

"Hello?" She said 

"Um okay......." She said and clicked a button on her phone 

"Alright shoot" he said turning back to Perrie's make up 

"You guys are going to have to come through the back of the place because Haz justed texted me saying there are tons of fans and Paparazzis out front and Jan you get to meet a few of our friends" He said

"Alright and Niall?" She said

"Yea love?" 

"Where are you?

"No where I'll be there soon finish getting ready" He said and hung up

"Now on to hair" I said as we broke out of our circle and got hair products 

"Would you guys want to stay the night tonight?" She asked us

"HELL YA!!" I yelled excitedly as everyone irrupted into laughter 

We got everything we needed Jana ran and got an extra plug in so we can plug in about six things Our hair was really thick so we plugged in about 6 hair dryers and dried each others hair so it would go faster after we were done we pluged in the devises to do our hair 

Dani's did mine, Perrie did Dani's, I did Jana's and she did Perrie's

Jana's let hers naturally straight with about 5 or 6 strands of hair spiral curled I had mine fish tailed braided,  Perrie had hers curled, and Dani straightened her hair we were finally done

we grabbed our purses and called Niall and said we were on our way 

*skip ride there* 

I texted Lou and said we were there and he let us in

"You girls look gooood" He said dragging the O 

"Thanks Lou" we said in unison 

"Wait right here" He ran and said something into the microphone but it was muffled 

"COME ON OUT JAN!!" She walked out with us behind her 

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANA!!!" everyone yelled 

"Thank you guys so much" She said 

everyone was here except Niall till we saw him walk out on stage and put a finger to his lips 

He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind causing her to jump 

"Happy birthday love" He said 

"YOU SCARED ME! but thank you" She said as the place irrupted into laughter 

"LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Louis yelled in the microphone as music blasted through the speakers 

Niall's P.O.V 

"Jana come on back stage we want you to meet some people" I said 

"Hold on" she said 

"Nope! HARRY!!" I yelled as he grabbed her feet and I grabbed her under her arms

"HARRY AND NIALL PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW" She yelled as we carried her back stage

"Sorry babe we cant do that" I said smirking at her 

"LOU LI ZAYN MAKE THEM PUT ME DOWN PLEASEEE!!" She whined as we passed them 

"We'll put you down if walk" Harry said 

"Fine just put me down" She said and we put her down

"Never do that again" She said as we walked into a room full of the boys family's

"Jana this is my Mum Anne and my sister Gemma "Harry said 

"This is my Mum Johannah and my sisters Lottie, Georgia, Felicite or fizzy, then the two twins Phoebe and Daisy" Louis said as they waved as he said their names  

"This is my Mum Patrica and my sisters Doniya, Waliyah, and Safaa" Zayn said as the waved 

"This is my Mum Karen and my sisters Nicola and Ruth" Liam said pointing as the waved

"Hi I'm Jana" I said shyly 


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