Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


17. Birthday bash and tattoos? part 1

"Niall's P.O.V 

I fell asleep last night thinking of Jana its  8:30 Jana's Mom, Dad, brothers, Greg, My mom  and the girls all went to this place we rented out its like an auditorium mixed with  an basketball court to set up Jana's party she said nothing big so we invited some of her friends and the boys are coming but right now the boys and I are in Jana's house we are giving her pre-presents we just finished making breakfast and we are in her room about to wake her up. 

"Does she have ear phones in should we tell her Conner was here?" Harry asked 

"Yea she has some in and NO" I said 

"Lets go get her food and bring it up here" Liam said 

"I'll stay up here with her in case Conner comes back" Lou said 


We all ran down stairs except for Louis we were getting everything ready for Jana till Jana came screaming and running in 

"HAZZA!! NIALL!! DRAKE!! MARK! MOM!  DAD! BOYS!! HELP!!" She screamed we all scrambled around the house and found Jana running from Louis who had a water gun 

We all put Jana behind us 

"MORNING JANA!!!!" Louis yelled 

"Morning" She said as shes stopping gripping the back of Harry's and my shirt 

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" we all shouted 


"Can we hug the birthday girl?" Harry asked 

"Your technically my brothers you don't need to ask you didn't answer my call last night" She said and hugged Harry

"I fell asleep love sorry" 

"Happy birthday Jan your officially 19" Liam said as they hugged 

"Nope not in till 11 tonight"She said 

"No wonder why your an all-nighter" Zayn said as they hugged 

She just laughed 

"Now Tommo if you ever do that to wake me up like that again you get no hugs for a month" She said and hugged him 

"Happy birthday and I'm sorry" He said 

"What about me?!?!?!" I said trying to sound a bit hurt 

"I couldn't forget you even if I tried" she said and hugged me 

"BREAKFAST TIME!!!" Louis yelled

"Are those my sweat pants?" Niall asked 

"Yea these are the ones you left at my house when you fell in the lake before you left" She said laughing 

"You fell in a lake?" Liam asked as we all sat down at the table

"No I was pushed by somebody" I said and looked at Jana 

"I did not push you" She glared at me

*Skip breakfast* 

"That was really good guys thank you" Jana said 

"Don't thank us thank Hazza" Niall said 

"Harry you made that?!" 

"Yes I did love" He said smirking with satisfaction 

"Im going to go change and we can get going" She said and she started to walk upstairs and then she stopped 


"Um sure" He said and got up 

"I'm not saying I'm jealous but why?!" I whispered yelled

"It's fine Niall Zayn knows shes yours" Liam said 

"NIALL!!!!!!!!" Jana ran down stairs 

I bounced up from my chair and ran to Jana as she literally started shaking 

"Conner is stalking me and wont stop texting me" She said 

"He stopped by this morning and dropped off cookies but we didnt trust them let me see your phone" Harry said 

"Not to alarm you but this was in your room" Zayn said 

"HE WAS IN MY ROOM!?! She shouted she seemed pissed more than upset 

"Haz can I see my phone I have to call my Drake" She said as he tossed her phone to her 

She sped dialed her brother 

"Drake put ari on the phone now" she demanded as she walked out back 

"Hes not ruining her birthday" I growled 

"Niall he wont Paul flew with our parents here to meet Jan so he wont get near 5 feet her our anyone at the party" Liam trying calming me down 

"But hes stalking MY girlfriend and he abused her shes gone through enough and if I have to I'll beat the crap out of his to make him realize that" 

"You really love her" Louis said putting a hand on my shoulder 

"Yeah I do Lou she was a stranger then a friend then a best friend then a sister then a lost sister and now my girlfriend I'm not letting her go again" I said as I slid down the wall 

"And you wont" Zayn said 

Jana came inside 

"Jan are you alright?" I popped up from the floor 

"Yea just a bit shaken up if I'm not back in 10 minutes come find me I'm gonna go get changed"  

"Okay" I said as we started slipping on our shoes 

"Zayn?" Liam asked 

No answer.....

"ZAYN!"Louis raised his voice a bit 

"What?" He looked up from his phone 

"Are you okay?" 

"Yea I'm texting Perrie sorry" 

"Its alright" 

"So your taking Jana to the place?" Harry asked 

"No Zayn's taking her to do something and then you then Li then Lou and then me" I explained

"OW!!!!" Jana yelled 

We all ran to where she was

"Alright that hurt" 

"Klutz" I teased 

"Shut up"

We helped her up 

"So Birthday girl I'm taking you to go do something" Zayn said 

"Alright then Leggo" she said as she grabbed her purse and phone came back and kissed me and they ran to the car.

Zayn's P.O.V 

So when Jana told me she needed to talk to me she told me she wanted to get a tattoo so we might go and get her one 

"So Niall's innocent girlfriend wants a tattoo" I teased 

"Hey I'm not all Innocent you know?" 


"That come out wrong " she said 

"I know what you meant" 

"I want two tattoos today actually" She said I drove in shock 

"I'll take you and get them but you have to call Niall and they boys they would want to come see you get it" 

"Fine I'll call them but Zayn if someone starts yelling I'm hanging up" She said as she started dialing Niall's number and put it on speaker

"Babe you just left are you okay?" Niall asked worriedly 

"I'm fine but I have to tell you something"

"What?" Niall said

"Babe put me on speaker" I said

"Alright your on speaker now what?" 

"Meet us at 1602 firewood street"

"1602? Jan that's a tattoo shop!" 

"I know I'm getting a couple of tattoos now Zayn told me to call you and I know you guys might not want me to get any put please come these are important"

"I'll come Jan"Harry said causing me to smile a bit 

"Lou and I will too" Liam said 

"Niall pleaseeeeee you'll like the ones I'm getting and it would suck if my boyfriend isn't here with me" I pleaded 

"We'll be there in 5" He said and hung up 

"YAY!" I bounced up and down in my seat 

"We are here" 

I got out of the car locked it and took Jana inside

"Hi can I help you?" The guy asked and he eyed Jana up and down my fists started clenching and Jana noticed it to and she help onto my arm. 

"She would like to get two tattoos." I said 

"This your first time babe?" He asked right as the boys walked in 

"Excuse me?" Niall blurted out 

"I was asking this is her first time getting a tattoo so is it gorgeous?" He said and that made Niall blow 

"Why don't you take a long walk off a VERY short pier" 

"DEREK!" A really buff guy yelled 

"Take calls now!" He yelled 

"Sorry hes a bit of a perv" a woman said

"So is this your first time" she asked

"Yea" I said 

"And are all of these boys yours?" 

She laughed a bit 

"No just this one" she said and walked over to Niall 

"Aren't you guy One Direction?"

"Yes mam" Liam said 

"My 13 year old daughter is a huge fan come on back and I'll get you set up" She said and led us to the back 

"So honey what would you like to get"

"Can you do 9/8/97 right here in green please? Jana asked as she lifted up her shirt right to her hip. 

Niall's face was shocked

"Sure sweetie its going to hurt a little bit" She said 

"I kind of expected that" She said as the boys and I came around Jana as she began 

(Sitting arrangements: Right hand:Niall Left hand:Zayn Right leg Liam Left leg: Louis and above Jana by her head was Harry) 

She started on the tattoo and Jana started wincing a bit 

"Your doing good Jan" Harry kissed her forehead. 

"It hurts!!!!!!!!!" She whined and squeezed Niall's and my hand 

"Your almost done for this part shes on the 8" Liam rubbed Jana's leg

"I'm shocked your not crying" Louis teased 

"Shut up Louis" She said laughing 

"And the outline is done!" The woman said 

"May I ask for your name?" I said 

"Its Mei-mei" (pronounced May may)

"Alright I'm Jana" she said and shook Mei-Mei's hand 

"Well Jana I'm gonna go get the green I'll be right back" 

"That hurt like hell!" She said 

"You did good" I said and kissed her hand 

"So can we know what 9/8/97 is cause Niall looked dumbfounded?" Liam asked

"Its the day that her and I met I was about to turn 5 and she had just turned 4 and I absolutely cant believe you remembered" He said and kissed her nose 

"Hey I remember a lot of stuff" 

Mei-Mei walked back in 

"Alright lets get this colored and Im really sorry about Derek" she said and started to color the tattoo 

"Its alright" I flinched a little and gripped onto their hands 

"El Dani Perrie back here" Liam shouted 

Mei-Mei hit part of the bruise that Conner gave her and she let out a yelp and tears sprung in her eyes.

"And your done sweetie"

"Thank you so much" I said and got up 

"Here's the money" Jana said 

We saw Jana pay and Niall wanted to do it but she did it faster 

"Jan dont pay for stuff of your birthday or any other day I'll get it" 

"Girl you got a tattoo?!" Perrie said 

"Yea" she said and showed them 

"Now Niall we are stealing your girlfriend" El said 

"Thats fine stay out of trouble and where your hoods" Niall pointed at Jana 

"Yes Mom" Jana kissed Niall and the girls were off.

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