Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


20. Birthday bash 4/4

Jana's P.O.V 

"The boys have told us a lot about you" Harry's mom said 

"Really???" I said a little shocked

"Yes they have" Safaa said 

"We met your brothers and parents earlier" Gemma said 

"Did they say any thing embarrassing because they have a tendence to do that to me" I said 

"No" she 

"Jana your brothers they have water guns" Emily said walking past me



"Lou....." I said 

"Yes..." He said with a smile 

"How long have you been talking to my brothers?" 

"Awhile" He said

"I dont want another repeat of this morning "

"What happened this morning?" Lottie asked

"Your brother over there woke me up by spraying me with a water gun and chased me around the house I had to hide behind the boys because he kept trying to get me spray me" I explained 

"Louis!" El yelled 


"It's her birthday" She said 

"She didn't get that wet she got behind Haz and Niall before I could get her anymore shes extremely fast"

"You out ran Louis?!?!!" Georgia yelled 

"Yeah...." I said shyly 

"How can you run faster than him?" Phoebe asked

"I play soccer and I have 2 older brothers who love to torturer me and I go running with my older brother in the mornings so I guess I can run faster than usual" I said 

"Well we thought it would be nice for you to meet our family since your technically part of it now" said Harry

"We will let you go enjoy your party and hopefully we'll see you tomorrow" Zayn's mom said as everyone gave me a hug

"Alright it was nice meet you all!" I said and hugged everyone back 

"FOUND HER!!" Sam yelled as he pulled me out on stage 

"Have fun" Niall said as he and the boys got a mischievous smile 

I broke free of Sam's griped and tried running till he grabbed me and picked me up by my waist 

"Put me down I have feet" I said as He set me down as I walked out on stage 

"Well we know we cant make you do anything on your birthday" Sam said as I grabbed a mic

"Sammy you boys cant make me do anything period" I said as everyone laughed 

"No but your parents can" Mikey said 

"True but continue" I said 

"as we were saying we got tons of request for you to" Jason started but got interrupted

"For you to Sing and play Guitar" mike said bringing out my Guitar 

"Don't bite my head off your brother brought it and its been in the case we know how you hate people touching your Guitar" He added

"I hate it that you guys know me" I said 

"Well your our sisters best friend and they want to here you sing and play and someone else does to" He said glancing at Niall the girls and the boys with there family's along with mine standing rigt in front of the stage while Niall stood there smiling at me

"Just one song?" Rocky asked

"Fine" I said grabbing my Guitar and sat down on the chair and started playing A thousand years by Christina Perri and started singing 

"Heart beats fast,

Colors and promises.

How to be brave how can I love when I'm afraid,

To fall.

But watching you stand alone, 

All of my doubt

Suddenly goes away.. somehow

One step closer 

I have died everyday

Waiting for you

Darlin' don't be afraid 

I have loved you for a

Thousand years

I'll love you for a

Thousand more.

Time stands still

Beauty in all she is

I will be brave 

I will not anything

Take away

What's standing in front of me 

Every breath, 

Every hour has come to this 

One step closer 

I have died everyday 

Waiting for you

Darlin' don't be afraid 

I have loved you for a 

Thousand years

I'll love you for a

Thousand more 

And all along I believed 

I would find you

Time as bought 

Your heart to me

I loved you for a

thousand years

I'll love you for a 

Thousand more 

One step closer 

One step closer 

I have died everyday 

waiting for you

Darlin' don't be afraid 

I have loved you for a 

thousand years

I'll love you for a 

Thousand more 

And all along I believed

I would find you

Time has brought

Your heart to me

I have loved you for a 

thousand years

I'll love you for a

thousand more" 

I finished and I realized Niall was smiling at me and I smiled back in till everyone started clapping and cheering I put my Guitar on the stand and started to walk towards the middle of the stage where Niall was 

"WAIT! We have a surprise" My brother yelled.

"What??" I whipped my head around 

"Everyone know what happened to our other sister" He started 

"Dre don't please" I said tears were threatening to spill already 

"We know you two were close you shared secrets, clothes, friends, shoes,Hair products. You were inseparable till that day you didn't eat for days you wouldn't talk either but you would wake up screaming and crying I know and I'm pretty sure everyone else does to that nothing can replace her"He said My tears were water falling now

"Drake why???" I barely got out

"So Jason,Rocky,Sam,Mikey,Niall and I all teamed up and made something as a present" He said as Niall came on stage and stood with them and a video started of memories 

I was crying through the whole video thank god El put water proof mascara on me I just started at the pictures of all of us Me,Emily,Spencer,Aria,Hannah, My sister,Drake Mike,Jason,Rocky,Niall,Sam as kids at birthday parties, sleepovers, school field trips middle school pictures of us girls taking pictures with the guys laughing and being retarded in the class rooms and with our teachers and it made me happy we still have these I was crying my eyes out when in the video ended I ran and hugged each of the boys and said thank you.

"I owe you guys" 

"I'm your brother you owe me nothing" Drake said 

"I'm your boyfriend I already have everything I need" Niall said 

"Your like a sister you owe us nothing either" Sam said 

"Go enjoy your party"Drake said

"thank you" I said kissed Niall and enjoyed the party I thanked each of the boys and everyone who made it possible 

Niall's P.O.V

*3 hours later*

"Thank you guys for the awesome party" Jana said

"Its not over yet" Zayn said 

"What???" She asked confused 

"I'm taking you somewhere like I said I would" I told her as her face lit up 

"Where?" She asked

"You'll see but your parents want you home by 11:30" I said 

"Alright" She said

"Oh and we aren't going to be home to night" El said 

"Where are you girls headed off to tonight?" Liam asked

"We are going to none other than miss Jana's house" Dain said excitedly 

"and as much as I would of invited you this is a sleepover no boys aloud" Jana said pointing fingers at us

"We understand" Harry said

"We asked your sisters to come but they said they wanted to relax a bit" I said

"You asked them?" Louis asked 

"Yes Louis I did we actually hung out at the party" Jana said 

"Yea we weren't going to be at the hotel tonight either we are staying at Niall's" Harry said

"But now I'm taking Jana bye guys" I said and Jana just waved as I wrapped my arm around her waist

"Where are we going babe?" She asked

"Just wait its a surprise " I said 

"I don't like walking out here at this time of night" She said wrapping her arms around my waist sideways 

"Jana no ones going to touch you I promise plus we are here" I said when she caught the sight of the old abandon park in the forest her face lit up 


I laughed 

"of course I remembered this place come on" I said leading her down to a blanket surrounded by candles for light and a radio

"Thank you for today" She said as we sat down

"Your welcome love" I said as she came and sat in between my legs 

"I love you" She said as I played with her hair 

"I Love you too"

"Best birthday ever" She said

"I'm glad you had fun now about this house" I said curiously

"The guy called and hes going to call me tomorrow to let me know if I got it or not" She said 

"This is awesome and our parents can't necessarily tell us we are moving to fast because we have known each other since we were kids" I said

"Right I'm just happy you said yes"

"I wouldn't tell you no are you fucking crazy?" I said causing her to giggle as we started to kiss in till her phone started ringing 

"You've got to be kidding me." She said as she got up and answered it 


"Yes this is jana" 


"Thank you SOOOO much" she said and hung up

"Niall" She said as she started smiling really big 

"What??" I asked standing up 

"I got the house" She said excitedly 

"Thats great!!!" I said as we started kissing again 


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