Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


15. Accident

A/N: Hey!! im back  -xx Taylor

Harry's P.O.V 

So Jana's Dad approved of Niall and Jana you could tell how anxious and nervous she was just by the look on her face Her parents just went home and Niall's mum and Greg just went to the store and we all are in the living room talking with each other Jana is close to all of the boys and I but not really the girls yet but I guess that takes time right?

"Have you guys check your twitters lately?"  I asked 

"Yea" They both said in unison while scrolling through their phones 

"Harry you take amazing pictures" Jana said looking at me 

"I'm guessing you just saw the picture" I smiled 

"Yea I did and I'm saving it onto my phone" She said as she continued to scroll through her phone

"I don't see it" Niall said

"Go to harry's profile babe" Jan said smirking at her phone as my phone went off she replied and Niall replied to the picture she wrote: 

Jana: Harry I don't know how you got this good of a picture and made me look good in it but you did love ya xx 

Niall:"As much as I hate you taking pictures of me when I'm sleeping this is actually a really one at least you guys didn't jump on us lol" 

Liam's P.O.V

"My mentions are like exploding right now and how in the HELL did they get my birthday and pictures of me that aren't even on twitter?" she said 

"You gotta Facebook?" Zayn asked 


"That's how" Niall said 

"Whats today's date?" she asked 

"Monday why?" Danielle asked 

"What time my phone died?" She asked worriedly 

"12:20" Harry said 

"DAMN" Jana shot up from her seat between Niall and Harry 

"Whats wrong? I asked

"I have a soccer game and at 1 and I forgot" 

"We can still make it run to your house get ready and meet us back outside in 10 minutes" Harry said 

"You guys don't have to guy if you don't want to" she said while slipping on her shoes 

"We want to see you play now go so you wont be late" Niall said and she ran out the door 

Jana's P.O.V 

I ran into my house and yelled to my parents and brother that I had a soccer game and I was going to drive my car and they can all ride in Drakes mom or dads car I ran into my room turned on my Ipod that had Green day Linkin Park Coldplay The script Onerepublic and One direction (Of course) and got changed into my cleats soccer jersey and shorts brushed my teeth put on deodorant then I put my hair into a Tight ponytail grabbed my soccer bag my purse and threw my phone and Ipod.

"BYE GUYS SEE YOU AT THE FIELDS!!!" I yelled to my family grabbed my car keys off the table and ran out the door 

"DAMN that is the fastest Iv'e ever seen someone get ready" Louis yelled 

"How long did I take" I asked 

"Not even 5 minutes" Harry said 

"Well I change quick at times I'm gonna drive my car I can fit 3 in the back and 1 in the front anyone wanna ride with?" I asked

"Can the girls and I ride with you?" El asked asthey all smiled 

"Of course" I said

"Oh Jan my mum and Greg are coming and I'm gonna ride with the boys" Niall said 

"Alright that's fine with me" I said as my phone started ringing 

"Hello?" I said and put it on speaker as I mouthed it was my couch 

"JANA WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!" My couch yelled 

The boys all got the message that we needed to leave now so everyone went to the cars 

"Im on my way couch I'll be there in a few" 

"Alright hurry" he said and hung up

"Strict coach?" Perrie asked

"Not in less your late" I said as I started my mustang I got for my sixteenth birthday and drove off with the boys behind me 

"So How long have you known Niall again?" Dani asked 

"Since I was 4" I said as I drove out of the neighborhood 

"And he left when you were 15?" Eleanor asked 


"Was it hard?" Perrie asked 

"Extremely I didn't want to do anything for days I just looked at our pictures" I said 

"AWW" They said in Unison as we pulled into the parking lot I turned off the car and we all got out 

"JANA GET OVER HERE NOW HURRY" my coach I locked my car through my keys and phone into my my purse and handed Niall my purse as they put on their hoods 

"Sorry coach" I said as my parents brothers Niall's mom and Greg pulled up and all sat next to the boys 

"Its alright can you take Aria's place?" he asked 

I nodded 

My team ran over and hugged me and I got around of hey's and hi's and I looked at Aria and could tell someone physically beat her

"We are down by 2 points Aria I know you hurt so Jana said she would take your place" He said as she looked at me with a look saying that she need help and I could tell she was hurt Mentally, Psychically and emotionally 

"We have a 10 break due to player being sick" The referee yelled

Aria Spencer Hannah Emily and I all looked at each other as the team walked to their family and gave each other a hug 

"Oh my god are you guys okay?! I can tell they beat you" I said 

"Aria got it worse we have bruises but Aria got the HELL beaten out of her" Spencer said 

Aria just looked at me and she just broke into tears and hugged Aria as she cried into my chest 

"Aria listen hes not going to touch you ever again because Conner went to Jail and the police are looking for the others right now I calmed her down a little bit 

"I'm scared I don't want to sit here" She said 

"Its alright while you sit here I'll have drake come sit by you" I said and she started at me with wide eyes and smiled. I ran over to drake and whispered in his ear and told him what happened he looked mad but you can tell he was sad that he wasn't here to probably protect Aria, We all have older brothers and I could find Arias brother so I grabbed his hand and lead him to Aria. 

"Ari?" Drake said 

"Drake" She barely whispered as he pulled her up into a hug as tears poured down her face 

Drake's P.O.V 

I've liked Aria since I could remember shes 18 and I'm 19 and when Jana told me what happened and Aria was scared I was mad that this guy did something to her and I was sad because I wasn't their to protect the girl I love along with my sister I was snapped out of my thoughts when Aria said my name I pulled her into hug before she said anything else and tears rolled down her face 

"Drake I've missed you" She said 

"I missed you too" I said holding on to her 

"I guess you heard about..." She stopped her self and sniffled and held onto me 

"I heard and that guy isn't going to touch you or any of you girls again I promise" I said sat down and pulled her onto my lap. 

"Thank you" She said as she kissed my cheek and My stomach irrupted with butterflies and I just noticed my sister and the girls left 

"Don't thank me your my sisters best friend and your like another sister to me" I said while she messed with my hair 

"Alright you just got back and I need to tell you this before you leave again" She started

"Ari I - she cut me off" 

"I like you" She said as she looked down at her hands 

"Aria I wait what?!" I was in complete shock my heart stop beating 

"I like you and I know you don't feel the same i just had to get it off of my chest" She said still looking at her hands 

I lifted her chin up "Aria you have no idea how I fell I cant even explain it so I might as well show you" I said as I crashed my lips onto hers. 


"Get a room" Jana said as she passed us 

"Shut up" We said in Unison 

"Lets hope your sister doesn't get worked up she haters being in the front" I said 

The referee blew the whistle and they kicked the ball 

Jana's P.O.V

"SPENCER!!!" I yelled and kicked the ball and ran towards the goal 

"MARISSA!" Spencer yelled and kicked it into the air and Marissa hit it with her head and bounced it to Marisol  

"MARY!" Marisol yelled and kicked it to Mary 

Mary hit the ball with her chest bounced it on her knee and kicked it to Me 

"GET IT JANA!" She yelled 

I kicked it and scored us a point as the crowd cheered 


The Goalie through the ball back into the field and we were all at play 

"NANCY!!!! ITS COMING TO YOU!" Hannah yelled as she kicked it but not hard enough the other team got it i tried to get the ball back but one of the other teams player accidentally kicked me in the stomach and scored as I fell down to the ground holding my stomach and the crowd gasped and the ref called time out

"LETS GO JANA!"I heard my family and friends yell. 

"Jan are you okay" My team asked as the referee helped me up  

"Yea I'm fine" I said as I nodded as the ref stated that it was a penalty and gave us the point 

"Go get some water sweetie" The ref said as I walked to go get some water and Niall raced to me and made sure I was okay

"Jan are you okay" He said as he hugged me gently 

"I'm fine" I said and sat down as he kissed me 

"I love you" He said 

"I love you too" I kissed him one more time and went back to the field 

The ref through the ball and we scored we won the game we told the other team and told them good game and I ran back to Niall as he lifted me up and spun me around. 

"Great game Jan that was amazing and is your stomach okay?" Louis asked as they all gave me a hug 

"Thanks Lou and yea my stomachs okay" 

"Is that Drake and Aria kissing?" Mark asked. 

I turned around to see My brother and one of my best friends making out 

I turned back around "yea" I as I kissed Niall 

"Well well well It's Jana the slut looks like she has another boyfriend now" Stacy the stupid queen bee says 

"WHOA hold up me the slut? Not even close I'm not the one who has 5 boyfriends at ONE time" I snapped as she whipped her head around 

"What did you just say?" She looked pissed 

"You heard me" I sassed

"You didn't not just call me a slut and your friend over their moved onto your brother so shes one to along with Hannah Spencer and Emily" she said when they all came up behind me and Stacy tried to punch me but I stepped out of the way and she fell

"Oh I think I did, Your the one that has up to 5 boyfriends at one fucking time so We aren't the sluts you are you know nothing about me or my friends so why don't you go do some research and then come talk to me but in till then back the hell off" I snapped as she ran off 

"Thanks Jan" Emily Spencer Aria and Hannah said

"No problem guys you are my girls and anyone who says crap like that better be ready to hear some words from me" I said

"JANA!!!" 4 boys ran and picked me up 

I tried reaching for Niall and he tried reaching me but I was to high up 

"PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT OR YOU GET NO HUGS FOR A MONTH" I yelled as the put me down with in a second and hugged me

"How dare you threaten us with no hugs!" Michael yelled 

"Well don't attack me and pick me up away from my boyfriend" I sassed as I jumped on Nialls back 

"Whoa someones in an aggressive sassy mood who did what?" Rocky asked

"Stacy" I stated 

"Shes the queen bee but she needs to be renamed queen to all bitches" Sam said

"Right? well lets go we have to take our sisters dress shopping" Jason said as I got off of Niall

"Eck good luck" I said as they all hugged me and left. 

"LETS GO HOME" Louis yelled like a 5 year old as He,Harry,Liam,Zayn,Danielle,Eleanor, and Perrie all got in the van and drove off

"My mom, Greg, your brothers and parents said good game and they all love you but they ran to the store" Niall said

"Alright thats fine" I said as I laid my head down on Niall's shoulder 

Niall's P.O.V

Tomorrow is Jana's birthday and I'm going to take her to our favorite place when we were kids I was snapped out of  my thought by Jana laying her head down on my shoulder 

"You alright love?" I asked ad I grabbed her hand and intertwined out fingers 

"Yea perfectly fine" She said as we got ambushed my paparazzi

Not now I thought


"WHATS YOUR NAME?" another said as Jana turned her head into my shoulder

"WHERE DID YOU MEET AND IS IT TRUE SHES JUST A CHARITY CASE?" That one made me mad I just kept holding onto Jana's hand 

"Jana just keep your down and hold onto my hand or my arm and I'll get us out of here" I whispered

She just nodded 

"IS IT TRUE YOUR SISTER WAS MURDERED?!?! WAS IT YOUR FAULT AND WHY DID YOU CUT YOURSELF?!?!" the last one said and I knew it hit Jana hard her sister was kidnapped about 2 months after her brother left for the army and 2 years before I left they found her clothing in the woods was only 13 I was 14 I helped her through it she shut out her brothers and her mom and dad I was lucky enough to get a hold of her I camped out at her house for a week she would wake up screaming in the middle of the night and started crying I was the first one to her room because I ran, her brothers were second since they were across the hall and her parents where last because their room is at the end of the halI was snapped out of my thoughts by something wet hitting my shoulder I looked down and saw Jana crying.

"Jan the cars right here do you want me to drive?" I asked 

She nodded took her head away from my shoulder looked down grabbed the keys and got in the car. I got in the car started it and drove off 

"How did they find out about my sister" She asked looking down 

"I don't know baby but can I ask you something?" 

"Anything" she replied 

"Why did that guy ask you that question about you cutting yourself?" I asked hesitantly 

"It's nothing babe" she replied looking down 

"Jana please show me I care to much and if that's true I want to know" I asked as I pulled into an abandon parking lot. 

"When I was with Conner I got tired of the pain and I experimented and I noticed it made some of the pain go away so I cut my stomach" She stated 

"Babe can I see please as long as your okay with it" I asked with concern 

She nodded and lifted up her shirt to reveal a long mark across her stomach 

"Jana why?" I asked running my pointer and middle finger gently across it

"The pain was to much" She said as tears rolled down her cheeks like a waterfall 

"Promise me you will never do it again" I said as I kissed her tears away 

" I promise" She said and kissed me 

"And your not a Charity case I hope you know that" I said 

"I do lets get home its 5 o'clock and I'm getting into bed early" She replied as we got on to the main road

"You excited for tomorrow?" I asked 

"No not rea-" Jana was cut off by a car slamming into the side of us I heard a scream and everything went black 

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