Win or Lose?

Everything is the same.Well almost everything is the same.Girls are forced to play their game by the age of 17.You can enter when you’re 5 and through 16.If you haven’t been in the games by the age of 17 they force you to be in the games.Boys have their own games.The price of losing is to be left alone in the wild or depending on your score death.You have no 2 chances unless someone takes it for you.You see if you lose and your score is just to be in the wild someone can take it for you.The people who take it get it easy.They only have to go for a few years or so.There are 5 rounds.
Round 1 = Look and voice
Round 2 = Style (like clothes and home,Christmas,Halloween,and etc.)
Round 3 = Inner You
Round 4 = Strength
Round 5 = Truse

Before the games start they interview the girls to see their favorite color,life,friends,favorite meal, and everything about them except the things for the round.How many girls win depends how many girls join.

1-19 = 1
20-39 = 3
40- 59 = 5
A lot of


3. Round 1: The New Death Sentence

This was the moment, the moment to show of your body. Emily was nervous. May was beautiful, but some girl were beautiful. There were 70, only 7 could win. Emily didn't care if she died, she cared about May. 

They where backstage. The room was practically empty, except a few hangers that hung up dresses. The show would last a few hours. Emily a number 3, May was number 4. Number 1 was on.  


Emily was practicing.

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