Win or Lose?

Everything is the same.Well almost everything is the same.Girls are forced to play their game by the age of 17.You can enter when you’re 5 and through 16.If you haven’t been in the games by the age of 17 they force you to be in the games.Boys have their own games.The price of losing is to be left alone in the wild or depending on your score death.You have no 2 chances unless someone takes it for you.You see if you lose and your score is just to be in the wild someone can take it for you.The people who take it get it easy.They only have to go for a few years or so.There are 5 rounds.
Round 1 = Look and voice
Round 2 = Style (like clothes and home,Christmas,Halloween,and etc.)
Round 3 = Inner You
Round 4 = Strength
Round 5 = Truse

Before the games start they interview the girls to see their favorite color,life,friends,favorite meal, and everything about them except the things for the round.How many girls win depends how many girls join.

1-19 = 1
20-39 = 3
40- 59 = 5
A lot of


1. Fellow up


Emily was making popcorn for the games. The Games were the main highlight of the year.Emily was about 14.She had dirty blond hair, it was almost brown. Her bright green eyes looked at the microwave. Her sister was gone. Her mother said she had to do something.Emily thought she was doing her normal thing. She normally didn't take her sister, May, though. Maybe May just wanted to go this time.  Normally May doesn't want to go with mom, but this time she was kind of excited. Why? Has May grown again? She grew up to early! I hope she still has a childhood. 


Emily got the popcorn out. The Games were girls. Only girls. They had to compete in 5 round. Depending how many join, depends how many win. Every time it goes up nineteen two more can win. The last round is called Truse. Truse is were they find one weakness in common from the remaining. If they can't they find a twist for all of them.  


About a week after girls sign up they do interviews to the girls. Maybe a memory or favorite color, maybe family.   Today they where talking about the past from each girl.Only two more weeks to sign up.About 50 girls joined so far.About half joined in the first two days.The other half are just joined at random times.In between each girl they show new ones.  


A red head was up now.Her hair was up in a high pony tail.Her blue eyes sparkled.Her lips where dark red.She wore jeans and a red t-shirt.Her shoes where tenni shoes.She looked around 15.She talked about one Christmas when she was 10 and made cookies.She got the brown sugar,white sugar,and the eggs.Her mom put in the chocolate chips and the other stuff.The girl got to grease the pan and put the cookies on the pan.It showed pictures of her 10th Christmas. It showed the cookies.   


That must have been a rising spout for her family that year. Normally people can't make cookies. Hey sometimes you get lucky.


Next was a rude girl.  


She talked about a time when she got her new baby brother. It was 'the worst moment' of her life. Sress on.Emily could tell she was one of them. he had bright blond hair. She had sparkly blue eyes. She had a beautiful red dress one.

Just like Thalia's.

She snapped back. Emily was waiting for the next girl. Next was somebody she thought she's never see on there in a million years. 

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