Win or Lose?

Everything is the same.Well almost everything is the same.Girls are forced to play their game by the age of 17.You can enter when you’re 5 and through 16.If you haven’t been in the games by the age of 17 they force you to be in the games.Boys have their own games.The price of losing is to be left alone in the wild or depending on your score death.You have no 2 chances unless someone takes it for you.You see if you lose and your score is just to be in the wild someone can take it for you.The people who take it get it easy.They only have to go for a few years or so.There are 5 rounds.
Round 1 = Look and voice
Round 2 = Style (like clothes and home,Christmas,Halloween,and etc.)
Round 3 = Inner You
Round 4 = Strength
Round 5 = Truse

Before the games start they interview the girls to see their favorite color,life,friends,favorite meal, and everything about them except the things for the round.How many girls win depends how many girls join.

1-19 = 1
20-39 = 3
40- 59 = 5
A lot of


2. A New Competitor

 My sister. It was my sister. My innocent sister. The one who had to grow a little. The one had to claw her way. No wonder! Duh! My sister finally grew up! 

Emily thought. It was true. Her sister was in that chair. She hurried to the phone. She had to call mom. She had to protect her. Thalia was one story. She couldn't lose two. 

555-660-7493 Why, why, why,why, why, why, why ,why, why,why! My mom is so stupid. We can't lose her! She's only 13. Our world would fall apart again! This time we wouldn't be able to get back up!

Her mom finally picked up after the fourth ring.

"What is it?"

"Mom are you crazy!"

"Oh, so you watched?"


"Honey, she grew up. It's OK. She's beautiful and mature. When we fell, she grew up."

"Mom, if we lose her, we might fall and never get back up! She's beautiful, but what about Truse! Out of everyone, she can't win!"

"It's too late!"

"Then I will sign up!"

"OK, then get down her!"

"Right on it. Please, try to get her out!"



Emily washed real quick. Emily got on a cute pink tank top, and some denim shorts. Emily also put on a sparkly belt. Emily put my hair in a ponytail. Emily quickly left.

There was a special car to go to the studio for the interviews. Emily hurried. The next one left in five minutes. 

"Wait! Wait! WAIT! I have to get down there!"

The man who drove waited. Emily hurried even faster. In two minutes Emily was there. The driver started full speed. In minutes They were there. 


The building was blue and had pink letters saying ' Our Games Studios!'. It made Emily barf. There was something about this that reminded her of Thalia. 

Inside was May. She had a smile. The room was empty. There was only a chair and one window. Emily gave May a huge hug. 

"Your safe now!" 

"I talked about Thalia,"

"It's OK,"

Both sisters started to cry. May didn't know where Thalia was. Emily didn't know if she would survive this.

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