Well Hello There

Louis is in a car crash and breaks his leg. He gets taken to the hospital while being chased by screaming fans. He gets a room and meets the most beautiful girl, the nurse. Will Louis and the girl have a happy ending, or will he end up falling head over heels for no reason?


3. Meeting, oh joy...


                                   *Louis POV


        Well after that little throwback, I was determined  to talk to her! I couldn't believe I had chickened out! I mean, wasn't I in a world famous band that preformed live at sold out concerts? Why was Louis the Tomo Tomlinson afraid of one girl? Well maybe that one girl was prettier than any I've ever seen! I decided to ask her name next time she came to my room, which was private. Maybe if I knew her name, I could find out more about her. I know, I know, I'm turning into one of those crazy stalker fans, but I don't honestly care! 


           *later that day

            *Louis POV



     Oh no Oh no!!  She was coming into my room, now! I was an emotional train wreck! I couldn't figure out how I was going to ask her name! Small thing to worry about for me to react like this, but still! Should I use a pick-up line? No. Girls like her probably hear them all the time. Should I tell her my name then ask her's? No, she already knows my name! Aaaahhhh... what should I do! Just then, she entered! I was star struck, she was even more beautiful than last time I saw her, if possible. "Errrr, hi". I said cautiously, not wanting anything to slip out!

"Hello Louis, how are you feeling today, better I hope."  Oh, her voice is twinkling today, but sounded rather hoarse. I think it's time to ask her name.

"Yes, I think I'm coming down with something too."  Oh my gosh did I just say that out loud!  

"Yes, yes you did. Oh and by the way, my name is Emmilyn, but you can call me Em." 

Emmilyn, what an unique name for an unique person.

"In a good way, I hope," she spoke with a natural fluency.

"Errrrr, Em, would you like to go to dinner with me? Once I am able to walk and stuff. I'm sorry I know I'm rambling-"

"That, would be wonderful, do you mind if I call you Lou?"

That would be wonderful, I thought.

"Thinking out loud again, are we?"



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