Well Hello There

Louis is in a car crash and breaks his leg. He gets taken to the hospital while being chased by screaming fans. He gets a room and meets the most beautiful girl, the nurse. Will Louis and the girl have a happy ending, or will he end up falling head over heels for no reason?


1. The Crash...

                    Louis's POV

                 Why isn't there anything good on the radio? I bent down and adjusted the knob. Rock blasted into the speakers as I drove back from Niall's place. We all met there to watch some movies, and of course, eat. I twisted the knob over and over again. Country, jazz, pop, nothing I was in the mood for. Then I noticed the red light! I skreeched to a stop! I was too late. I heard the horrible sound of crushed metal, as if in slow motion, I felt the back end of my car rush towards me! I was crushed under broken glass and ripped metal, something was jabbing my neck. My leg felt swollen and I couldn't bear the pain in it any more! I slowly drifted off, hoping these weren't my last moments.  

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