A Love Story

A 16 years old girl named lesley who meets harry louis liam niall zayn*they are not famous* and. 2 of the best friends fall for her


3. true friendship

chapter three: true friendship

~~Harry's POV~~

"why did I do that, I'm so stupid, now everything is going to be awkward between us" I had this in my mind since that kiss I stole from her on Saturday. today I came to school early because i couldn't sleep last night. Leslet got here just in time she sat down and started doing her work without looking at me so i decided to stare at her and when she finally looked at me she blushed and looked back down at her papers. Niall notice something wrong was going on between us he walked towards me " whats happen between you and lesley that she is not even looking at you" i lift my head up and notice he was worry but before i was able to answer him the teacher told him to go back to his seat "ill tell you later" i whisper to him as he walked back to his sit.

*the bell rang*

"wait for me I need to tell you what happen" I yelled across the room when I saw Niall walking to the exit really fast since it was his favorite period LUNCH, but he was so curious that he waited patiently for everybody to leave. I started "so remember on Saturday you made me walk Lesley to her house", "ahh yeah", "well...... how do I tell you........... mm I..... stole a kiss from her" I was relieve to finally be able to tell him. "you kissed her" Niall scream by the look on his face I notice he was really surprise. "shhh don't say it out loud or someone will hear you" ,"sorry I just cant believe you actually kissed her", "well I did and I'm pretty sure she was in shock, and I really don't know what I did I just lost the control of my body" ,"and what she did she tell you after the kiss", "nothing because right after I kissed her I ran away", "But why you should of stay to see what she was going to tell you", "nooo because I know she doesn't like me like something more than a friend and that was really stupid of me I shouldn't have never kissed her" after that me and Niall walked to the lunch room Lesley was normal with the guys but when she saw me she immediately got quiet and only looked at her food. Liam, Louis, and Zayn notice something was off but they didn't say anything. when the bell rand again Lesley was the first one to stand up and leave. "Harry can we come over your place after school" Louis asked me "yeah sure" I really don't minded I had nothing else to do. the rest of the day I decided to concentrate on my work , I knew Lesley was going to ignore me all day. after school me and the guys walked to my house. my mom was really surprise because they haven't been there for a while now. we went to my room "I cant believe you always have your room clean" Louis room was always a disaster so he was always asking me how is my room so clean. "anyways so what's going between you and Lesley" Louis change the conversation "going about what "I asked 'confuse' "you two were acting weird" Zayn continue, I just looked at Niall "just tell them they should know we are all friends" Niall convince me "fine I will, well...... how do I start mmm I been having a crush on Lesley since I met her" they didn't looked surprise they kind of had an idea of what me liking Lesley "and on Saturday I kind of... kissed her" now they looked shock. they stayed quiet for a few seconds until Liam broke the silence "But Harry why didn't you us this before" "because when I realized I liked Lesley I though I wasn't going to see her again but then she turn out to be the new student in our class then everything went so fast that I didn't know what to do"

~~Louis POV~~

I asked Harry if we could go to his place after school I wanted to know what was happening between him and Lesley we are his best friends.


"and on Saturday I kind of... kissed her" Harry got me so shocked no words came out of my mouth and now I want to help Harry, he is one of my best friends and he always been there for me and now it was my turn and suddenly a great idea hit my mind but I need the help of somebody. I sat there quiet for a while thinking "I got it" I screamed it out "what did you got??" Zayn asked me. "oh nothing, don't worry about it" I looked at them and smile.....

**** hope you like this chapter even thought it was short****
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