A Love Story

A 16 years old girl named lesley who meets harry louis liam niall zayn*they are not famous* and. 2 of the best friends fall for her


4. plan on the way

chapter 4: plan on the way

**Louis POV**

Right after I left Harry's place I went to Eleanor's house and on the way I started to think of a plan to help Harry

"hello, Love" I lean down and gave her a sweet kiss. she was about to talk when I interrupted her

"I need to ask you for a favor" her face look concern

"don't worry is nothing bad" she look a bit relieve but she was still kind of worry

"then what is it?"

"mm is a long story"

"then come in" she suggested. I walked in and into the living room

"remember this morning how Lesley and harry were acting odd ....." I started she sat next to me listening carefully. when I finish I looked at her face and she looked shocked.

"what a story, and what's the favor you want to ask me?" she asked

"well I've been thinking and I want to help harry so can you talk to Lesley to see what she thinks about all of this and how does she how does she feel about harry" I answer while holding her hand

"I will try but if she doesn't want to tell me I am not going to force her to tell me" she answer back "wait not that I think about it this is the first time in a long time I see harry having a real crush on somebody" I started thinking and it was true Harry had gone out with many girls but he had never admit that he had a crush on them. He would just go out with them if they asked him he would never asked a girl out.


**Harry's POV**

beep beep I hit my alarm clock for it to be quiet but 5 minutes later started to beep again so I stand up and change. I was upset because today is Friday and I wasn't going to see Lesley during the weekend. I walked to the kitchen where my mom was cooking "good morning mom" I walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"good morning harry, sit down and eat breakfast" she pointed at the table full of food. I seat down but just stared at the food

"what's wrong" I lift up my head up

"nothing" I gave her a smile so she wouldn't worry "I know something is wrong with you, you can't fool me I'm your mom" she looked straight at me and I gave up "fine I'll tell you I like this girl and I kissed her but I don't know if she likes me back" she looked at me and smiled

"don't worry you are so charming every girl must like you" a small laugh came out of my mouth "ooh, mom the things you say anyways I have to go to school see you later" I got up, grabbed my stuff and walked out my house.

again Lesley was not talking to me for the whole day I wish I would of never kissed her if it wasn't because of my stupid mistake Lesley would of still be talking to me normally.

**Eleanor's POV**

during math we had a substitute so I walked to Lesley's desk "Lesley I need to talk to you" she was working on the sheet the substitute made us do

"yeah what is it" she stopped and looked at me

"Not here after school" she looked confuse but she agree.


"Lets walk together" I asked her

"Yeah sure"she responded " so what did you wanted to talk to me about" she asked curiously

"Well louis told me what happen between you and Harry, he told me he kissed you" her faced turn red

"Yeah I was really surprise i didn't expect Harry to do that"her cheeks were still red and didn't say a word

"But how do you feel about Harry" I said to break the silence

"mm I don't know he confused me and now I can't even look at him" she responded shyly

(Eleanor's phone starts ringing is a text from Louis)

Louis: ask her to go to the movies tomorrow with you don't ask me why just ask her!

me: mm ok

Louis: but don't tell her I told you

I put my phone on my pocket without answering back and started to think how to ask Lesley to come with me to the movies

"you know what we should go to the movies tomorrow" I looked at her hoping she would say yes

"mmm idk" she answer unsure

"come on that will get Harry out of your mind" I insisted

"well ok" when we got separated I took my phone out of my pocket and start texting Louis

me: why did you wanted me to invite Lesley to the movie theater.

Louis: did she said yes

me: yeah she said she will come but tell me why or for what?

Louis: yes! face one completed :p

me: what are you talking about???

Louis: can I come over your place and I will explain everything

me: yeah sure....see you later...

I put my phone back to my pocket.


**well here is another chapter**
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