A Love Story

A 16 years old girl named lesley who meets harry louis liam niall zayn*they are not famous* and. 2 of the best friends fall for her


2. hidden feeling

chapter two: hidden feelings

~~Niall's POV~~

"i'm so tire!" i though as i walked up to my room and lay down on my bed i was going to take a nap but i just couldn't fall asleep so i just lay there staring at the celing thinking of all that has happen to me all week. first we meet lesley then the next day harry comes to my house and confesses me that he has a crushed on her and he was sure he wasn't going to see her ever again the funny part is that the next day he have a new transfer student and it turns out to be lesley."ohhh tomorrow im going to have to wake up early"yesterday me and the guys were making plans to go to the movies


"we should go to the movies" i asked the guys so exited"yeah we should go, i want to go see MAMA" Louis stared at us with a creepy look. "no we should go see warm bodies it sounds interesting" Liam had talked to us about wanted to go see that movie since the trailer came out. "we should invite lesley?" harry asked us. I saw harry's expression changed when he started to talk about her, i smiled at him and he blushed a little. we all reply"sure" at the same time. "you ask her" i pushed him towards lesley. "mm... lesley", "yes what is it harry", "would you like to go to the movies with us". "yeah sure" i saw harrys smile grow and walk back were we where standing.


"im hungry" i made my way to the kitchen and made my self a sandwich. The next day harry came really early to pick me up *wonder why* we all had agree to meet at starbucks and when we walked in lesley was sitting with Louis, Eleanor, Liam and Danielle. "i guess we are not late" i looked at harry and then i looked back at lesley we sat with them and inmidietly started making stupid conversations. 10 minutes later Zayn walked in with Perrie "you are late" louis scolded at Zayn "yeah im sorry i had an emergency". "i bet you couldnt fix your hair" i said and started laughing. "how did you know" zayn brushed his hair with his hands. "anyways lets go or the movie will start" perrie said. when we got to the movie theater we couldnt decide between MAMA and WARM BODIES. We ended up watching MAMA before we enter to watch the movie Eleanor saw lesley with a scared face "are you okey" "yeah i just never been a really good fan of scary movies" she looked so scared and it was kind of funny. during the movie most of the time i was staring at lesley, harry turn his head and saw me staring at him and lesley i just gave him a smile and notice he blushed. the scary part came and i saw lesley get scared and hugged harry. WAIT WHAT AM I FEELING , AM I GETTING JEALOUSE, AM I STARTING TO LIKE LESLEY, why she is my best friend crush i cant have a crush on her.MY WORLD IS TURNING UPSIDE DOWN......... we walked out of the movie theater and i asked them if they wanted to go to Nandos since i was vey hungry. they all said they were hungry too. they all ordered something small and when lesley saw how much food i had ordered her expression was full of surprise. "are you really going to eat all that" lesley asked me. "yeah i would of ordered more but im not that hungry". to make a conversation i asked her what she was planing to studie when she graduates from high school "im going to studie medicine, i want to be a veterinarian" i was impress she was very smart i knew she was going to be great as a veterinarian. "what about you guys what are you guys planing to do when you graduate high school". "mm i really dont know" i answer her,"me either" i heard zayn, louis, liam, and harry said at the same time. Eleanor , Perrie, and Danielle didnt know either they were still thinking what they were going to do.

~~lesley's POV~~

in Nandos Niall asked me what i was going to studie when i graduated high school and i answer him that i wanted be a veterinarian. i have always dreamed of been a veterinarian since i was little i wanted to cure animals just like my dad did. i really dont reamember much about him because he died when i was 7 years old but since then i wanted to be like him. i was shook when i saw Niall finish all that food so fast. he really is amazing i would never be able to eat all that, "its kind of late i have to go home now" i told the boys. "well Louis is taking Eleanor to her house, Zayn is taking Perrie, Liam is taking Danielle am so tired and i don't want to walk so Harry is taking you home" NIall said with a big smile on his face."no its ok i could walk alone" "no its dangerous Harry is going to walk you" i had to agree or Niall would of get mad. It was awkward most of the way i try to make a conversation "so i ... Mmm are you okey walking me you really don't have too", "yeah i really don't mind". My heart is racing why!!!! Bam the next thing i notice i'm on Harry's arms "watch out were you walk" he smile and i saw his deep dimples "yeah i will" i felt like i was turning red up to my ears. After my accident we had so much fun we laugh so much that my stomach was hurting but when i notice i was already home "well thanks for bringing me home" i thank him and search for my keys i lift my head up and saw Harry's face right in front of mine. "Goodbye Lesley" he whisper in my ear and then he stole kiss from my lips i was in total shock. When i came back to myself i notice he was gone. I open the door my mom asked me how was my day but i was still kind of shock that i didn't even answer her and i walk right to my room i lay there for hours thinking about what had happen between me and Harry. I was glad the next day we didn't had school. The next day whole day i was daydreaming that my mom was starting to worry.i wish tomorrow i got sick or something so i wouldn't have to see Harry but i guess that someday i will have to see him. But the problem is not that he kiss me the problem is that I'm starting to like him but i don't want to, he is just my friend
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