A Love Story

A 16 years old girl named lesley who meets harry louis liam niall zayn*they are not famous* and. 2 of the best friends fall for her


1. first encounter

this is my first story so is not going to be that good but i hope you guys like it.........

chapter one: first encounter

~~lesley POV~~

"where am i?" i though as i scanned the empty room. I try to look for an exit and when i did i started running through the endless hallway. i was so scare "mom where are you?" i scream but nobody answer me, i kept running and the more i did the hallway got darker.

-beep beep beep-

I quickly sat up in my bed and started thinking about that weird dream. "lesley you better hurry up" today i'm going to move to another town because of my moms job. i took a shower and change to the clothes i had still on my closet since the rest of my clothes were already packed. i walk down the stairs where some guys where puting our stuff in the truck. "hey lesley to bad you have to move to a different town but we well still be in contact right?" i walked towards layla my best friend and i saw her trying not to cry "yeah i know but i couldnt do anything' "im going to miss you so much you are my best friend in the whole wide world" a tear started to fall down her cheek. "dont cry or i will cry too"."we have to go" my mom screamed from outside "ok mom" me and layla walked outside and she gave me a big hug."bye lesley" goodbye layla"

we took a hour to get to our new house. when i got out of the truck i admired at the house it was pretty big for only me and my mom. "welcome to your new home"my mom told me with a smile on her face. i was kinda of sad because i knew i was going to miss my old school, friends and house but i couldnt do anything. we had to put all our stuff inside when we finally finished we were exhausted. we first worry about putting our beds so we wouldnt have to sleep in the floor "are you hungry lesley" "mmm yeah kind of" ok then lets go look for a restaurant". "ok" me and my mom were looking for a restaurant and when we found one it was a restaurant called Nandos. we walked into the restaurant and then in the first table i looked there was a group a guys sitting there, so i just looked away. "wow the food here is delicious" my mom was really impressed. "go ahead im going to pay the bill". "ok mom but dont take long" i walked outside and suddently remember that weird dream, i didnt see where i was walking and crashed into somebody i lost my balance and before i fell down to the ground a strong arm grabbed me i looked to see who i had just bumped into i saw a tall guy with brown curly hair and green eyes "sorry i wasnt paying attention" "its ok" he answer me with a smile exposing his dimples. "so whats you name" he asked curiostly"lesly valentine"."nice to meet you my name is harry styles". "im niall horan" i faced him and saw a guy with blone hair and blue eyes "im louis tomlinson" he was tall and had brown hair and blue eyes "my name is liam payne" he was tall with brown hair and eyes. and finally i saw a guy with black hair and brown eyes "im zayn malik" they all finshed introducing themselfs "nice to meet you" then i saw my mom walking towards me "well i have to go it was nice to meet you all and sorry againg for bumping into you"." bye" i heard them all say at the same time.

driving back to the house my mom started a conversation "who were those guys?" i dont know i bumped into one of them"."they were all cute" my mom said and a little laughter came out of my mouth."yeah i cant denied it they were all good looking".

~~Harry's POV~~

She was so beautiful i though during all the ride till i got home. i walked up to my bedroom and i throw my self into the bed i didnt undersand why i couldnt take her off my mind. she was so beautiful she had long brown wavy hair and light brown eyes after 30 minutes i fell to sleep. its sunday and i woke up early even though im not a morning person i usually wake up around 12:00 on sundays i took a shower and change. my mom was still sleeping so i decided to go for a walk. i was thinking of calling the guys but i would want to wake them up. so i walked alone i still could get the image of lesley off my head, i walked and when i notice i was infront of nialls house i wasnt sure but i rang the bell i waited patiently outside when i heard the door open i saw niall still yawing "did i woke you up"."yeah" niall answer me with his eyed half open"but dont worry come in" i walk into his house."mmm niall i want to tell you something"."what is it"."well remember that girl from yestersday" ."yeah mm whats her name..... ohh lesley"."yeah well ....since yesterday i havent stop thinking about her" niall open his eyes wide"aww you have a crush on her" he said excited"nooooo.......well... i guess i do".after i hang out with niall all day i went back home but before i left his house i told niall to not tell anyone that i had a crush on lesley since i was sure i wasnt going to see her again.

the next day i was early to school that was a surprise to everyone i walked into the class room and sat on my seat thinking still about lesley and wondering were would she be now. my thoughts were interrupted when niall, liam, louis and zayn came up to me. "wow you woke up early today what a surprise" that was the first thing zayn told me. then the teacher ms lopez anounce that we were going to have a new transfer student. it was a surprise to everyone because we bearly had new students.

-knock knock knock-

"i'll open its probably the new student" the teacher walked to the door and the security guy was at the door then a girl walked in everybody looked at the new student i couldnt believe it it was lesley. "welcome lesley" i heard ms lopez say to lesley "you'll be stitting next to harry" ms lopez pointed to the empy seat next to mine i was kind of happy."hey we see each other again"."yeah" i froze thats the only thing i could say to her i looked at her and a smile grew on my face then i turn around and i saw niall looking at me with a sneeky smile. i stared at him and i saw he wanted to laugh so badly.during lunch louis was with elenor his girlfriend they been dating for about 9 months already zayn was with perrie who had been dating for a few months and liam with danielle they been dating for about 18 or 19 months. me and niall were the only ones that are single i have dated many girls but i want really into them. but now that lesley appear in my life and i want things to last with her. louis saw lesley looking for a table to sit so he called her to were we were sitting"lesley come sit with us" louis screamed so she could hear him. she towards us and my heart started racing "sit with us"louis smled at her "no its ok ill look fo another table. "you dont have to, come sit with us"liam and zayn answerd her "are you guys sure" ."yeah" we all answer she sat next to me and my heart was racing so fast. "let me present you to this girls"louis started presenting them with lesley with elenor "this is eleanor my girlfriend thats perrie zayns girlfriend and that is danielle liams girlfriend" nice to meet you my name is lesley" eleanor danielle and perrie smile at lesley and started talking like if they were best friends. it was very uncomtable to me. "ill be back" i stood up and started walking to the bathroom. then niall follow me "whats wrong harry".niall asked with a worry face "nothing but i get kind of nervous when im next to her". "dont worry to much, just be you " i smiled at niall and we walked back to the table. the rest of the day was easier thanks to nialls advice.

**what do you guys think is it good**
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