A Lost Treasure

This is mainly about Harry who is greeted by a crazed fan who turns out to be his long lost cousin but ends up falling for Niall. If you have any ideas for updates, comment them. Thanks!! <3


2. Cousins?????

          ~Harry's POV~


             She's my cousin. Wow.  I did not see that coming. As I enter the bus, all the guys are sitting there, giving me the "what happened" stare. "Well??" Louis said impatiently.



                                     ~10 Mins Later~


                 "She's your cousin?!" Niall said as he furrowed his brow. "Yeah." I replied.






Authors Note: Please check out my new movella! its called One Direction Imagines. comment your name, a description of you, and the boy you want it with. I will get as many done as possible.

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