A Lost Treasure

This is mainly about Harry who is greeted by a crazed fan who turns out to be his long lost cousin but ends up falling for Niall. If you have any ideas for updates, comment them. Thanks!! <3


1. Another Day in The Life

~Harry's POV~
"C'mon guys, we are gonna be late!!" Paul hollered from the car. "Yeah because that would be so terribly horrible if we were .23 second late." Zayn said sarcastically while rolling his eyes. This was a typical day in the life of One Direction. We had interviews all day and then we had a show tonight. I just wish I had a family member to take on tour with me so I would be less homesick.

Narrator: Little did he know what was in store for him.
~Still Harry's POV~
We got back into the tour bus for the night and there was some creep just waiting outside pacing back and forth. "Hey. What's up?" Liam asked, being the softy that he is. "I need to talk to Harry. Now. In private." she said. Her face was red so we could tell that she had been crying. "Okay. Just meet me inside boys. I'll be in in a few." She pulled me behind the bus and I asked her what she needed.

Authors Note: Sorry for the short and crappy chapter. I have a bit of writers block. Follow me on twitter: @JadeTeserio. Thanks my lovelies!!!!!!
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