I Would Do Anything

* My first FanFic.* Maya just a regular girl going to party, school, sport, anything, till one day a new kid comes along. Read for the rest of the story :) *also if you tell me read any of your storie i will read them :)*


2. Your Kidding, Right?

I walked back to my Friends and they all look at me like im stupid

"What?" i ask with a confusined lookied on my face.

"Uhmm. Forget something much?" Fia say with a grin on her face because she know i forget things a lot. I mean a lot.

"Shit!" I start to laugh because i forgot to get the drinks. Wow. Everyone starts to laugh at me.

The song 'Feeling Good' came and we start to dance like nothing happened untill i get a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and it one of the superviser (My teacher, its a school dance so all my teacher have to go and watch for 'trouble')

"Hello girls, since you guys are the only on here that are mature at our school" she pauses and looks at the boy groupe right beside us with a smile and looks back and we all laugh. "i discided to introduce the new kid first." she say and then she pushes over so we could see who the new kid is. Oh my god. Its him. My eyes get huge and my teacher looks at my funny.

"Is something wrong Maya?" My teacher ask me. She know me so well, I can tell her anything.

"Uhm." i paused and i loook at her with a I'll-tell-you-later look. and she nodded in reply.

I look at Niall and he has this huge smile on hes face. I smile and look down.

Another teacher comes over and leans in to talk to My teacher. They both nodded and my teacher looks at me and says

"Well there seens to be an emergency so Maya, since since your my best student, your going to be showing Niall around" With that she turn a walks away very fast for a teacher.

I look at him and say

"So, These are my friends. Fia, Bailey, Jess, Cloe, and Taylor" i point to each on of them.

The all say there Hi's and Hello's in reply.

Fia look at my with a big smile and wide eyes. she comes close to me and leans to my ear.

"That's who i was talking about. You go girl."

and with that she take all my friends hands and she run away with a grin.

I look a Niall and he has a confused look on his face.

"I'll tell you later, Do you want to go meet the boys?"

"Sure." We walk over to the boy in a circle and there doing this dance off thing? Ok i go up to Aidan and try to get he attention not working. and i know he likes me so why not kiss him on the cheek. Once i kiss him and the kiss i got he attention.

"I knew you would come along" he says,

"In your dreams, just trying to get your attention and it work" i say with a big smile. "Anyways, This is Niall." i pause and point at him and he waves. "And Miss Audins told me to introduce him to everyone and show hima round.

"Oh" he say's a looks at him with a she-mine look. "Stop!"i say while punching him playfully in the arm with a smile across my face.

I introduce Niall to all the other guys and we walk off. jsut beofre we get somewhere a slow song comes on.

I hit my face with my hand softly and keep walking but the a hand pulls my eldow.

"Wanna dance?" Niall ask.

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