I Would Do Anything

* My first FanFic.* Maya just a regular girl going to party, school, sport, anything, till one day a new kid comes along. Read for the rest of the story :) *also if you tell me read any of your storie i will read them :)*


3. Question time

Why the hell not?

"Sure" I say as He put his hand around my wais and i put my hand  around his neck.

"So where are you from? I can tel not here from your accent." i smile.


"Really! I'm irish to! well half." I saw looking down at the last part when he laughs.

We just turn in circle slowly in an awkward silents till his ask me "So what are you into? As in Sports or stuff?"

"I play rep soccer, and art like pro danse, singing and Acting. You?"

"Wow. busy girl" he pauses and smile down at me. "I play soccer but nothing like rep. And i sing and play guitar. Do you play any intruments?"

"Maybe." i say with a smirk on my face. He looks down at me confused "What don't you do?" he ask me. "School."

The song ended and we let go of each other take a step back. I didn't know what to do so i look behide me for some odd reason. I see Fia looking at my with a smile from ear to ear and she put her thumd up. I roole my eye and look back a Niall. Next thing i know that lights in the gym turn on and I look t the bigclock on the wall and it say 12.

"Wow. Time flys."  I say Me nd Niall walk out of the gym together looking for Fia because she is staying a my house tonight. I finally found er and we start to walk to the door. I look out side and it raining. Me and Fia Stop and the same time and say " Shit."

I forgot Niall was still with us untill he says "What?" with a confused look on his face.

"Ohh Its raining and we have to walk home. But ill call my mom." i reply.

"Oh I would offer you a ride but that my mom." he pauses and point at a car " With the God Damn smart car."

We all start to laugh and i eventually say " Its fine. well se you later." i wave as he starts to walk away.

I Called my mom and she get there 15 min later and she drove us home.

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