I Would Do Anything

* My first FanFic.* Maya just a regular girl going to party, school, sport, anything, till one day a new kid comes along. Read for the rest of the story :) *also if you tell me read any of your storie i will read them :)*


1. Intro.

Hello, I'm Maya, I have long dirty blond hair, and brown eyes. I love to play Soccer, its my favorite sport ever!

Anyways, Today is Friday and there a school dance tonight. So excited! My best friend Fia and I are getting ready together. She has shortish dark brown hair with blue eyes.

*At the Dance*

Fia and I got to the Dance and now were just walking around.

"Hey look! He's hot" Fia said over the loud music, pointing over at someone.

"Where?" i ask confused because she was looking at a wall.

"He's gone now."

Fia and i find our way to where our frineds are and we dance like there was no tomorrow till we all got thirsty. I know way to ruin the night.

"I'll go get drinks!" i tell everyone as i walk away.

As i was about half way to where the drinks were i forgot to ask what they wanted. I turn around and i got pushed, on the ground. Great.

"Oh my god! I'm soo sorry!" Said someone but i could see beacause i got dizzy. i can see a figure put out it hand so I take it.

"It Ok. I'm a cluts anyway." i giggle. I got a glimps of the person but i started to walk away, but i i felt a grip on my hand a released that i never let go of the person hand. i end up turning around looking at him again.

"Oupss. Sorry." He says letting go of my hand and smiles. "What your name?" he continue.

I looked up at him and he had blond hair with blue eyes. Oh my good, those blue eyes. Couldn't get enought. I also reckon that irish accent. loved it.


"Oh sorry" i said looking down. "I'm Maya, and you?"

"Niall" he says with a smile.

"Well i got to go" i reply with a wave just about to walk away.

 "Wait! What's your number? You know if you have a phone." he said looking down at the last part.

I gave him my number and smiled and walk away.

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