I Would Do Anything

* My first FanFic.* Maya just a regular girl going to party, school, sport, anything, till one day a new kid comes along. Read for the rest of the story :) *also if you tell me read any of your storie i will read them :)*


4. always together.

*Monday at school*

I got drop off at school from my mom right before the ball rang. I ran to my locker to get my books that I needed and ran to my class. Thank god my teacher was also running late so I took my sit next to Fia at the back of the class. I didn't even have enough time to say hi before my teacher told us to take our sits as she walked in the class room.

"Don't be shy, come on in" my teacher says to the.. Door?

And right there i remebered. He was coming to our school today. My head just falls in my hand.

"everybody this is...uhmm.. Niall!" My teacher say's. Niall just stand there and waves.

"You can go sit..." My teacher starts and looks around the class for an open spot.

Crap. there only one spot and it infront of me. "Over there. Infront of Maya."

When she said my name i saw he face bright up. He looks at me and smiles and walks over. I returne the smile and look at the teacher who is starting to the board ready for the lesson today.

We went thro the whole class and i was abput to walk out but then the teacher stops me and pulls me in class again.

"You will show Niall around school be cause the other students will scare him."

I let out a small laugh at the last part. "Fine." and with that I turned around and walked out of class.

I look down the hall way and i see Niall walking slow not knowing where hes going.. I run up to him.

"Hi, need help?"

"Uhm.. just a little." We both chuckle a little bit.

"Well i have to get my books so let go to my locker." i saw directing him to my locker.

"Heyy my locker like 5 down from yours." He says with a smile.

I get my books and i direcct him to the next class.(If you havent notice we have one big group that follows the same classes)

We get to the other class and the Teacher puts him on the other side of the class. Thank god, it seen like he's always near me.

The bell rang and everyone was getting there things to leave.

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