Leaving High School is all fun for the kids of Forrest High School, but not for Ash. As a her friends begin to look for colleges, Ash is stuck in the past. Everyone knows her secret yet no one bothers to care. She isn't the only one with this curse. Trying to fit the normal teenage life, her secret forbids her from doing that. Her parents tell her no friends, no love, no communication, but what happens when two different people from two different worlds fall in love? As Ash and Jace go against the rules, the world around them dies. Could they save the world and still be together, or is that completely out of the question?


9. The Darkness Comes

*Ash’s POV*

I hate him.

I’ll kill him.

I hate him.

The thoughts repeated in my mind and every now and then I’d glance at the windows of stores I was passing by. I saw my reflections and was terrified at what I’d look like. My eyes were no longer a color but pure black, my skin was pale and my hair was darker than ever.

I’m going to kill him.
The thoughts helped time fly by faster. I reached my house and there he was standing at the front door. He had his fists clenched just as I had mine and he knew what I had come to do. I knew what would happen if I killed him. I knew that I’d have to be on the run until I finally found my ways out of the borders of the Society and into the borders of The Hope. I knew what would happen to my name. I knew the humans wouldn’t care but the Sirens would. And after knowing all this I still didn’t care.

I ran up to him and pulled out my staff from my pocket. It expanded and the second it reached its full length I hit my father’s knees knowing it would send him down. I kneeled over to him and began punching him. And then I was lost. Everything was dark and I couldn’t see anything. I stood up and tried to find him as he had slipped from under me. I was terrified of what he would do to me now that I couldn’t see. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I knew it was him. I flipped him over and felt him hit the ground. Another crack I’ve heard today that was caused by my hand. I was lost, and I was scared.

“Ash don’t do it.”  I heard the peaceful and familiar voice. My mother. I followed her voice and reached out. The moment I felt her delicate hands I could see again.

This would hurt her. It would hurt her more to lose him than to lose me. After just standing there I fell down. My knees weakened and I began to cry. She grabbed me and hugged me trying to calm me down.

I knew what happened. The darkness came, Explains the appearance and the strength and the anger. If I let it in I would've been lost forever. I was worried and then I realized why my mother was comforting me. I would've been banned because of it. This stupid curse.

The darkness was trying to take me and I almost let it.

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