Leaving High School is all fun for the kids of Forrest High School, but not for Ash. As a her friends begin to look for colleges, Ash is stuck in the past. Everyone knows her secret yet no one bothers to care. She isn't the only one with this curse. Trying to fit the normal teenage life, her secret forbids her from doing that. Her parents tell her no friends, no love, no communication, but what happens when two different people from two different worlds fall in love? As Ash and Jace go against the rules, the world around them dies. Could they save the world and still be together, or is that completely out of the question?


1. The Daily Routine

Everything here was the same. The Society created a world where we would all fit in, the vamps, the sirens, the fairies, all of us. They walk around with the humans living a life of torture, of hurt, or sorrow. Humans think they know how the Rares feel, but they don't. I know because I'm one of them.

Being a Siren, are the hardest and most dangerous Rares in the charts. Well, we are classified like that. No love unless they are siren, don't talk with anyone who isn't a siren, don't interact with anyone except a siren. We all look the same, black hair, pale skin and blue eyes. The thing about us being dangerous is our eyes. It's said that if you look into the eyes of a siren, you'll see the heart of the sea and only sirens can withstand its big glory so those who look us in the eyes die from an overwhelming truth.

"Ash!" My mom yelled. "Get ready, tonight is the night." I shivered at the sound of those words. I grabbed my see through gown and coral crown. Being the daughter of the king of the sirens isn't easy. I was getting used to my matured human legs and walking was hard. "Ash, why didn't you get ready?" My mom asked me with disappointment in her voice. I was astounded by the sight of my mom. She was the most beautiful siren, that's why she was queen. Her black straightened hair hugged her back and lay just slightly above her waist. She wore her shells and the same thin transparent gown as me. Her back eye-liner brought the blue out of her eyes and her lips were already a natural rose color. And the crown she had was made of pearls, one to lay on her head and one to put around her waist for when we "transformed" into our true identity. 

I asked her with sadness in my voice "Mom, do I have to do this?"

"Ash, you need to find your prince, our time is almost up and someone needs to take over the throne when we leave and our souls return to the ocean. Now come with me so I can fix you up."

I couldn't go through with the ritual. I didn't want to fall in live with another siren, I just couldn't do it. My mom handed me the shells, the two pearl crowns and the transparent shirt that I would wear. I placed everything on just as she wanted. She did my eyeliner and my hair, braiding it until it was in a beautiful up do. I held the tears back. Why did I have to be cursed.

"Ash," I heard my dad say from the door, "You look beautiful."

I couldn't speak without letting my tears pour so I simply smiled and nodded my head. Before I knew it, were already turning the corner to meet up where the sand and ocean meet, where my life and my death would begin.


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