Leaving High School is all fun for the kids of Forrest High School, but not for Ash. As a her friends begin to look for colleges, Ash is stuck in the past. Everyone knows her secret yet no one bothers to care. She isn't the only one with this curse. Trying to fit the normal teenage life, her secret forbids her from doing that. Her parents tell her no friends, no love, no communication, but what happens when two different people from two different worlds fall in love? As Ash and Jace go against the rules, the world around them dies. Could they save the world and still be together, or is that completely out of the question?


2. Live, Love, Die

Everybody passed by me their eyes placed on me as if I was some art placed in a museum. It bothered me and the whole idea of this ritual just bothered me. All I could do was stare at the moon and wait for it to finally turn blue so I could get this over with.

"Ash, stop looking up and greet the people!" My mom scolded at me.

I looked at our spectators and sarcastically waved, hoping they would get my drift and walk away. If only they knew how horrible this life was. If only they knew the truth. I saw that my attempt at getting them to leave failed and right before I could say anything I felt a sting at my feet and my eyes. The ocean was pulling me towards it. It was ready for the ritual. As my mother and father stood to the side, clapping with huge smiles on their faces, I was slowly lifted into the air, right above the ocean and my legs turned into my blue tail/ fins. I'll admit this was the only thing I missed from the ritual. Right when the pain ended, I fell int the water and swam with all my might. Maybe if I swam fast enough I could leave.

I was too late. Teenage boys were all surrounding me with hands out holding the biggest pearls they could find. I didn't want the pearls, I didn't want any of them, I wanted him. I wanted the boy that I could feel life with, the one who gave me adrenaline rushes, the one who made me human. As I brought hi to my mind, I could see my fathers disappointed eyes given the fact he was the only one who could read my mind when we transformed. I knew what was coming and I new the shame I brought.

I desperately mouthed "I'm sorry." All he did was bow his head and turn around, swimming back to the shore. For the firs time ever, I needed to leave the water. For the first time I felt trapped instead of free.

"Dad," I yelled after him. " I'm sorry! I can't control my feelings! You know why!"

"I know why! And it's exactly why your interaction with this human better end!"

"They can't! I'm not only siren! I have human blood in me You knew this was going to happen! You knew it!" I fell on my knees from the pain of my legs coming back.

"Ash, you must stop! You're the only one of your kind and you aren't supposed to exist! You were a miracle sent from Poseidon."

"Well, If I can't love a human then why did you do it?"

My dad looked at me with furious eyes and I knew I had passed the line. But I needed to know. If he could love a human and she gave birth to me, then why can't I? Why can't I love who my heart begs for?

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