Leaving High School is all fun for the kids of Forrest High School, but not for Ash. As a her friends begin to look for colleges, Ash is stuck in the past. Everyone knows her secret yet no one bothers to care. She isn't the only one with this curse. Trying to fit the normal teenage life, her secret forbids her from doing that. Her parents tell her no friends, no love, no communication, but what happens when two different people from two different worlds fall in love? As Ash and Jace go against the rules, the world around them dies. Could they save the world and still be together, or is that completely out of the question?


7. Let Me Explain!

*Jace's POV*

I didn't respond, I didn't cheat. It was actually a funny story that I couldn't put into words. Ash doesn't know that Marie was my step-sister who didn't want me to be with any girl. She was over protective and I knew that if I told this to Ash, she wouldn't believe me at all. She'd just laugh and call me an idiot. I was standing there in front of her. I couldn't lose her. Not now, not like this. I began to put my thoughts together trying to get it out to her.

"Ash, it's not what you think." I planned to just say it straight forward. I think it will be easier.

"Oh really? Then what the hell is it Jace? What the fuck did I just hear over there because it sure as hell sound alike your ass cheated on me!"


I let it all out. I didn't mean to yell but what she said had gotten to me. It hurt me more that Ash thought I was capable of cheating on her. 

"You know Ash, I may be human and it may seem like I'm the rest of the guys but I'm not. Yea I don't have that thing Sirens have but neither do you. I know who I love and that's you. Why would you think that I would cheat on you? Maybe you don't trust me."

I couldn't believe where I was going with this but maybe it was for the best. Maybe what I was about to say is something we both need. She's stressed and still trying to find herself and me, I'm just by her side and not going on my adventure to see who I would be. She began to cry and it made all of this...harder. I began to stutter and I tried to get the words out.

"Jace, I'm sorry I thought all of this. I don't know what's wrong with me. My dad just found out about you and my mom is hating me because I told her how I really feel. I'm really sorry."

She ran close to me and right when she was going to embrace me I pushed her away and looked at the ground and then I said it. I said those words that sent Ash to the ground with uncontrollable tears streaming down her face. I just stood there, shocked at how I said it. WHy did I say it? And then I said it again, on last time to make sure that I said the right thing.

"We need a break."

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