Leaving High School is all fun for the kids of Forrest High School, but not for Ash. As a her friends begin to look for colleges, Ash is stuck in the past. Everyone knows her secret yet no one bothers to care. She isn't the only one with this curse. Trying to fit the normal teenage life, her secret forbids her from doing that. Her parents tell her no friends, no love, no communication, but what happens when two different people from two different worlds fall in love? As Ash and Jace go against the rules, the world around them dies. Could they save the world and still be together, or is that completely out of the question?


6. First Period Of A Lovely Hell

Once the bus came to a stop, we got up. Jace still didn't let go of my hand. When we got off the bus he moved his arm and place it around my neck. We were about the same height but he was still about three inches taller than me. 

"Ash I've missed you so much. Sorry I couldn't spend much time with you this summer."

"It's okay! Don't worry. I, erm, bonded more with my parents." 

There was a hint of uncertainty behind my voice and he knew soothing was up.

"Why do you say it like that?"

He stopped walking and I stopped with him. I turned to face him and I placed my arms on his waist. i took a deep breath in and thenI told him everything.

"My dad found out and now they are both being all bitchy about it and I told them I knew what I really was and that I'm more human than siren."

"And how did you prove that to you're own parents?" He asked me, demanding to know he just glared at me. Waiting for my response.

"My eyes." was all I said. I couldn't keep explaining because we were about to be late. 

"Come on babe. We need to go. I'll explain everything at lunch." I could see he was still processing everything. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the school where we would both go through hell for our last year. Biology was our first class with Mr. Connor. We waled into the lab like class and sat at the only desk available at the very back. I liked being at the back but Jace didn't.

"Fuck this." he muttered under his breath.

I was shocked because in the four years I've dated Jace, he's never said a single word like that. I would be the one who would say something like fuck or shit but only every now and then. Maybe he's catches on to my old habit.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Oh nothing. I just don't like the back. Let's be early to second period so we can at least sit in the middle."

Before I even had a chance to reply he just turned around and not once did he glance at me. His muscles were tense and I could feel that something was wrong. He would every now and then glance over at the girl, Marie, at the very front of the class and panic every time she moved. Who was this chick!? I was beginning to grow mad every second. While I loved him being here I had a rage grow in me. Was this jealousy? When the bell for first period to end rang he left, without even waiting for me. I stood there and all I wanted to do was slap the shit out of him and that girl Marie. I held in my emotions. I walked over to second period, Health, and I saw him sitting down. I was going to sit down next to him when the one and only Marie took the empty seat next to him. 

"Hey Jace." She said. "I missed you this summer. Why didn't you come to my house that day after the time you stayed the night."

"What the fuck Jace!?" I yelled. 

"N-n-no Ash this isn't what it looks like!"

I ran out the classroom and I could hear him running after me. I left the school and I just kept on running. I looked back and saw him running out of breath. I slowed down and slowly walked to the park. I knew he was going to follow me but I wasn't going to talk. I could feel my heart tearing apart.

Did Jace really cheat on me or was she just a bitch trying to break us up? I didn't know what to think. I arrived at the park and just sat on the swing. Tears began to fall and then I saw him walking towards me. I wasn't going to say a word until he convinced me that what she said wasn't what I thought. The only thing I asked him was, "You cheated on me?"

When I didn't get an answer I realized what had just happened. I was cheated on by the only person I would ever love.

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