Can't Keep Up With It Anymore

Tess and Zayn yes the Zayn Malik from One Direction has been going out over a year and six months.they both have a baby girl on the way.Tess also has a really close relationship with the boys from One Direction.Later on Tess finds out that Zayn has cheated on her but she lets it slide then Tess finds out that he cheated again on her since she really loves him she lets it slide but....... then Zayn finds out that he got the other girl named Kim pregnant.Before he knew he had proposed to Tess. Will Tess ever find out? Will Tess forgive Zayn? Will this make there relationship over? What will the boys from One Direction do?


5. Zayn is back but..... something happens

Zayn's P.O.V 

I haven't been with Tess because I fear that I will do something stupid but I been with Kim. Well it's been a week I am going to go back to my and Tess flat or should i just say everybody's flat.So I arrived to the smell of food.I went in and saw actually Jocelyn cooking pancakes.She had a lot done but since Niall,my beautiful Tess and her friend Monce  eat a lot. I guess she saw me cause she turned around shocked but I wonder why is she shocked. Well she continued and said 

"Hey Zayn I am mad at you" she said coldly

oh god what I do now I bet everyone in this house is mad at me like seriously I really dont want to face Tess or anyone but I guess Jocelyn is first in the list.

"Why are you mad at me" i said with a confused voise but i knew what she was talking about.

"you   know why but since you are acting dumb I will remind you again" Jocelyn said again coldly 

"okay cause I really don't know" I replied to her 

she is so cute when she is mad omg Zayn stop I know she is really cute but she is like a sister to Tess omg well she just finished the pancakes. lecture time people so ahh I got a water cause this is going to be long and its 6:25 so the rest won't wake up like until its like 7:30 but okay here goes nothing.

"I don't know how to put this in words Tess has been depresses thinking you been avoiding her. she has been in bed 24/7 she dosent eat so I did her favorite food hoping she will eat. and I really think she is mad at you.' she said seriously. 

omg i think i am going to kiss her so she can shut up and i will actually enjoy it but whatever as I said no one wakes up early and it's 6:40 so I went for it and kissed Jocelyn. In the background I heard crying and it sounded like the person crying started to cry hared. I have heard that crying before. Damm Jocelyn continues to try and push away but she can't  cause i am way stronger then her. I think I starting to fall for her but naaa I got my wife well soon to be wife I haven't proposed but I am soon. well the crying was still there. The kiss lasted a few seconds cause I was annoyed by the crying but, when I did I saw Tess crying I knew it was hers but she doesn't wake up at this tim anyways I will have to think of something.

Tess's P.O.V 

OMG I smell pancakes okay okay Tess relax I need to get ready it's the first time I am getting out of bed so I will take a shower then change and then brushed my brownish hair after that I was heading to the kitchen and from a distance I saw Jocelyn and someone making out but I saw that she was trying to pull away. When I got full of sight on who it was I started to cry and cry harder and harder.I so I going to run away again but I remembered the only place I can go is with my parents. So I just stayed here crying until I felt someone poke me it actually hurt my arm and soon I was in Zayn's arms. I was trying to get out of his grip but it was too hared so I decided to kick him and soon enough I was on my feet. I saw Jocelyn mad but I would never get mad at her even thought she runs away from me but anyways I also knew it was Zayn who kissed her I could smell the vodka. I am still mad at him and it's not going to be easy for him to get my trust back. I still smelled the food. I went running to the plate and got a lot and got the syrup and poured some on my huge stack of pancakes.

"so what you going to do Jocelyn well after this and FYI I am not mad at you but at Zayn i am very mad." i said coldly 

"I don't know I have the mode to go shopping and I am so sorry I was giving him a lecture and then he kissed me and i was trying to pull out but he is too strong but you also shouldn't be mad at him he was also depressed thats why he left." I she said and I trust her so I went up to Zayn when I was finished with my pancakes 

"Zayn I am really sorry for acting like that I guess I can't live without you cause I really do love you and I promise nothing will get in between us okay "I said happy that I don't have to pretend mad 

"omg thank you I promise I nothing nothing in the world we now get in between us" Zayn said happy  

shortly after the rest came down to eat and we all decided to go to the mall to go shopping.


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