Can't Keep Up With It Anymore

Tess and Zayn yes the Zayn Malik from One Direction has been going out over a year and six months.they both have a baby girl on the way.Tess also has a really close relationship with the boys from One Direction.Later on Tess finds out that Zayn has cheated on her but she lets it slide then Tess finds out that he cheated again on her since she really loves him she lets it slide but....... then Zayn finds out that he got the other girl named Kim pregnant.Before he knew he had proposed to Tess. Will Tess ever find out? Will Tess forgive Zayn? Will this make there relationship over? What will the boys from One Direction do?


7. What's happening to me


 Tess’s P.O.V

Omg what’s wrong with me like I have been feeling dizzy and I have been vomiting. I am going to go to the doctor tomorrow I have too. OMG what if am PREGNANT from that one night nobody knew about it was with Zayn but I don't want to have one I am just 19 about to be 20 and Zayn is 20 but still he is going to be away most of the time but I think we can work it out and if we can't I will aborted wait hell no I won't if he does not want me and my soon to be baby then he could leave. I can be a single and proud mother but let’s put that to the side because what if he says yes then yup I would be happy. Ahhh I don't know who to take to the doctor with me. Okay Monce nope she is to wild and I get crazy with her so umm Jocelyn umm naa she would get bored okay umm Jakiee hell no she would get mad at me. Irene nope she gets hungry fast same with Niall so both of them out. Louis he would act like I am his mother so nope. Liam nope he would give me a lecture urge I can't take Zayn cause if I am pregnant I want it to be a surprise so I guess I am taking Harry well I will tell him tonight when we arrive to the house.

----------------------- House -------------------------

okay will pull Harry right now to my and Zayn's room like now. “Harry can we go to my room I need to tell you something really important." I said as a whisper

"Umm okay." Harry replied we went up the stairs and opened the door and I said without regret “Will you come tomorrow with me so we can go to the doctor cause I think am pregnant?”

Harry’s P.O.V

Wait what did she urge when did this happen okay whatever I have to support her so I will act casual and I replied with “ Umm at what time.” If she says at 8:30 I will have to be a bad friend and say no.

“At 10:00 am I want to go early I am going to make the appointment right now.” She said seriously

“Okay does anyone know about this?”  I ask

“Know about what mate? Oh hey beautiful.” The Bradford  accent

“about how I was about to punch Tess like I am really sorry why you think I brought her here and I am so  sorry so I am going to take her out tomorrow at 10:00 like as friends cause you guys are together .” I said trying so hard to not make Zayn think am lying

“you did what  how could you even thought I know you said about to aren’t you guys best friends?”

“yeah we are and that is why he is going to take me to an apology best friend date.” Tess stepped in and with that Zayn kissed her and said okay and warned me not to try something or to ever hit her even though this one was a fake but he didn’t know that and then left.

“That was some good lying.” Tess said surprised at my lying skills  

“your welcome for saving you.” I said and started laughing

-------------------------------THE MORRING-------------------------------

Tess’s P.O.V  

I took a shower and took a simple outfit because it was the morning its 9:00 I would still be sleeping urge well whatever me and Harry ate before we left. I think Harry was more excited than me to see if he was going to be a uncle. We got there at 9:55 we need to wait five minutes so I decided to pull out my magazine and I found an article of me Zayn and Harry it was a rumor that I am with Zayn and dating Harry at the sometime urge how much I hate paparazzi and the haters that send hate to me, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Liam. Well I was pulled out of my thoughts by a nurse calling my name and before she could say my full name I cut her off because I hate my full name. Harry came in and I said that I been vomiting and feeling dizzy a lot and then I had an ultra sound and it turns out that I am a month pregnant no wonder I was late omg I feel dumb . Well how am I going to tell Zayn?

-------------------------------- BACK AT THE HOUSE -------------------------------------------

Everybody was getting ready for something I don’t know for what anyways it’s a good time to tell Zayn when everyone is gone its 8:00. Well everybody was looking good and then everyone headed out and Harry reminded me to tell Zayn tonight and I said I was planning on that and then he left with everyone else. I WAS ALONE WITH ZAYN.  We decided to cook something together and we ended up cooking pancakes since it was my favorite food. At that point I was going to tell him but I started choking on something I took it out of my mouth and then saw Zayn knelt down and said

“TESS B…” Zayn started to say until I cut him off with my full name and he took that time to get the ring

“Tess I know we have some fights and all but I am sure that I want to spend the rest of my life with you  so, would you marry me Tess?” getting my left ring finger and ready to place it.

“ omg yess and I also need to tell you something.”  I said so happy and with that said he placed it on my finger it as so beautiful

“so what was the ting you need to tell me.” He asked wanting to know

“well I just found this out in the morning well that both of us are going to be parents.” I said really happy cause we are getting married and having a child.

“OMG are you serous ahhh I can’t wait to tell everyone on what just happened.” Zayn said completely happy more happier than me if that's possible

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AOURTHER’S NOTE

192 am I reading that number right well thanks to everyone how is reading and read FORGIVE AND FORGET it’s a great story by Christine Styles and love you even thought I only know three persons that read my fanfic and that is my best friends lol well until tomorrow people   follow me if you want on twitter





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