Can't Keep Up With It Anymore

Tess and Zayn yes the Zayn Malik from One Direction has been going out over a year and six months.they both have a baby girl on the way.Tess also has a really close relationship with the boys from One Direction.Later on Tess finds out that Zayn has cheated on her but she lets it slide then Tess finds out that he cheated again on her since she really loves him she lets it slide but....... then Zayn finds out that he got the other girl named Kim pregnant.Before he knew he had proposed to Tess. Will Tess ever find out? Will Tess forgive Zayn? Will this make there relationship over? What will the boys from One Direction do?


13. Trouble

Tess's P.O.V 

I woke up with memories of yesterday I got up fast to go see if Jakiee and Irene were still here. When I got up my head started pounding like crazy and I fell on top of someone. I heard him groan then I realized who it was and it was Harry he just got me and placed me next to him and cuddled with me for a while and got up to look around the house but i was careful not to trip on anybody cause they were all sleeping on the floor. so I went around the house and finally found them just leaving I told them that I'll drive them to the airport and they agreed.When we got there I dropped them off I cried a bit and then they left as did I to go back to the car. I got there and I started freaking out cause there was a bunch of paparazzi's surrounding my car and me being  the stupid me called Zayn. He answered and I went rushing to the restroom and lucky for me there was no one and he was about to end the call when i said 

"Zayn I nee your help I'm at the airport !"  I said as fast as I can 

"what are you doing there." He asked confused 

"I came to drop off Jakiee and Irene there going back to america."

"oh right but why you need my help."

"hello airport  paparazzi's 24/7 hang out place and they are sounding my car." I say as calmly as I can 

"Okay but you are going to wait and I'm taking Harry I have a plan."

"okay but hurry."

Zayn's P.O.V

I shook Harry and in seconds he was awake I told him the plan and he agreed. we left without making noise cause the rest of the people were sleeping all over the place. so, we left to the airport in a hurry. we got there and I saw Tess car and it was surrounded by paparazzi's all over that small place waiting for her to come out.we went to the woman restroom because she said she was going to be there. we got there and i just entered without anybody seeing me and harry entered wearing gray hodies and dark shades we found her she was with little kids I'm guessing that they were fans and left when they saw me and harry i guess we looked like rapers so we just went to get Tess and I'm not sure if she was playing around or if it was true but she looked scared and when we walked forward she went back and when she got to the wall she freaked out more but then i kissed her and she then said so how are we going to do this so then thats were harry comes in we are going to use him to get a lady we are going to tell her to go to your car and drive it to the front and we will pay her for doing this he smiled and proud with his plan. i didn't have another choice so we did what we planed. we found some one that looked nice and sweet and we asked her if she would do it and she agreed. I gave her my keys and i pointed to the car and she said what wait are you Tess

Tess's P.O.V 

"yeah i'm Tess" i said 

"OMG okay well congratulations" she said happy 

"why are you congratulating me " I asked confused 

"oh you haven't seen have you" she said looking for something from her bag that's where Zayn stepped in and said 

"seen what" Zayn also said confused 

she gave us 3 different magazine and said "here and my name is Ally"

"mice to meet you"I said kindly and i looked at the magazine and freaked out we were in the front page for all was of the party that happened yesterday and the one when i fainted and it was zoomed in to my engagement ring that i was wearing no wonder she said congratulations and another of me and harry we went shopping and twisted the story around by saying if i was cheating on Zayn with Harry and i laughed on that one and so did Zayn and Harry but, we were freaking out on the other one with the engagement ring. 

"so um yeah we'll wait for you in the front" i said she nodded and left to go to my car i saw all of it go down the paps were still taking photos. but when she started driving we all went running to the front to met her.

"thanks ally." i said grateful 

"no sweat." she said and smiled

"umm can you guys follow me on twitter."

"sure thing. love." Harry said 

"yeah and thanks again," i said 

"yeah i'll follow you and thank you for helping me and Tess out." Zayn finally said and we left  

-------- IN THE CAR-------------

after The A Team by Ed Sheeran Zayn got a phone call and it was on speaker it was MANAGEMENT we are having a metting with them today later in the day




SORRY It ended like this but I have to Party hard today its my favorite auntie's birthday and she loves to party so umm yeah i may update tomorrow even if it means that i won't do my homework ahhh who cares i never do my homework >.< never did and never will but it's quite wired how i have a A in everything except in P.E and in Advisory and in P.E is because I don't do what I'm so posed to do and stuff and hang out under the bleachers. and I have a B in advisory cause I scream loud and don't do anything in there so umm yeah wait why I'm I talking about my life urge well anyways tomorrow maybe oh god today was wired anyways love ya and i will try and update tomorrow or tomorrow in the morning yeaaa i enter at 10:55 :) anyways bye until tomorrow 

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