Can't Keep Up With It Anymore

Tess and Zayn yes the Zayn Malik from One Direction has been going out over a year and six months.they both have a baby girl on the way.Tess also has a really close relationship with the boys from One Direction.Later on Tess finds out that Zayn has cheated on her but she lets it slide then Tess finds out that he cheated again on her since she really loves him she lets it slide but....... then Zayn finds out that he got the other girl named Kim pregnant.Before he knew he had proposed to Tess. Will Tess ever find out? Will Tess forgive Zayn? Will this make there relationship over? What will the boys from One Direction do?


11. The special date that ended up being in the hospital

Zayn P.O.V 

I asked Tess out for our last date as boyfriend and girlfriend. I have to make this date special so I decided to take her to the carnival and then a small picnic. I chose this cause she loves the rides even though I don't she makes me go on them but I really don't care cause I love her. Well she has an hour to get ready and since I am ready I am finished I have a hour to kill. I decided to sign in twitter and see whats going on and i see a bunch of tweets asking me questions of love letters and stuff i decided to follow some of the people instead of replying. I was napping and I felt someone on top of me and it was light so it must be a girl and it must be Tess so I opened my eyes and I was correct it was Tess wearing some black skinny jeans and a white tank top with her black converse anyways we told Liam that e were leaving... but we were spying on everyone before we left 

1 Harry and Monce) they were doing nothing just crying cause they were watching the notebook 

2 Niall and Irene ) were eating and watching YouTube videos 

3 Louis and Jocelyn) were having a tickle fight 

and well me and Tess were just spying oh and Liam and Jakiee were just talking about something that i really didn't get to hear well me and Tess left. Tess had no clue where we were going but she kept asking cause she is not a surprise kind of person well we left and we got there and she went running straight to the biggest ride and I was actually scared but i got over it and went in with her and I actually enjoyed it,

Tess P.O.V 

OMG i can't wait to see where Zayn is taking me! well we get somewhere and i see bright lights maybe its a carnival. i run to the biggest ride i see cause i realized it was a carnival Zayn follows we get on and i feel dizzy and i fell on m y keens and the last thing i felt was my phone vibrating cause someone text me and i heard Zayn screaming my name and i saw people with cameras and flashes that made my vision more blurry and i decided to sit up but that was the worst thing i did cause i then blacked out.

Irene P.O.V 

I called Tess but she didn't answer i started to worry cause she always answers even if she is somewhere really important. well i called Zayn and he didn't answer nether so I told Niall if he knew where they are cause I know somethings wrong and she's pageant

"Niall do you know where Zayn and Tess went?" I asked Niall worried 

"umm not really he said something about the carnival around here why ?"

"Cause I called Tess for food but she didn't answer and she always answers and I also called Zayn and he din't answer so I am worried can we please go." I said hoping for a yes 

"yeah lets go" Niall said starting to worry too  

"okay lets go to the carnival." 

we drove to the carnival we saw a bunch of  paparazzi's taking pictures of someone or something i waled passed them then they started to take pictures of me and Niall and then I saw Tess and Zayn on the floor. Zayn was holding Tess and Zayn was crying then I realized that she fainted so my I called the ambulance I heard the paparazzi's screaming is that a mirage ring on Tess and i ignored it cause what matters right now is Tess safety. The ambulance came in a hurry and soon Tess was in the ambulance truck Zayn still was crying and asked us for a ride to the hospital cause the paramedics didn't allow anyone. Nial called everyone to meet at the hospital 

Zayn P.O.V 

what happened she was perfect at first and now she blacked out i knew I should of just gone to the beach with hr and urge but what's done is done. I was waiting out in the waiting area because they didn't let me see Tess until the doctor comes out and tells everyone what happened I told him that she is pregnant and he said okay and said 

"well she is going to have some test right now and once were finished i'll inform you and then you can go see Tess " he said 

i sat and Liam sat next to me and patted me and tried to cheer me up but right now nothing will work until i see Tess back to normal all we have to do is wait

-----30 mins later ----

"Zayn well i have good news and bad news witch one do you want to hear first " The doctor said seriously 

everyone gathered around us " the good news and the bad news please" i said still sobbing 

"the good news is that your fiance and your child are safe with no damage the bad news is that I won't see you here anymore she is waiting for you in room 102" he said happy and I smiled and said thank you and went running to room 102 

Tess P.O.V

I woke up by someone shaking me I woke up in a hospital and the person that shook me was the doctor saying that he needs to take some test and I agreed and we finished and he took me back to the room I am staying and he left I am guessing to tell the rest. I then saw Zayn burst in the door and we started to talk

"hey do you feel good." Zayn said coming closer to me 

" yup i feel great " I said with a smile 

then the others came in an we greeted each other and then I saw the doctor coming in the room 

"umm hey doctor can I go home like right now"

"yeah you guys can leave" 

I got my things and we all left back to the house until I realized that I lost my phone and started crying 

"babe whats wrong" zayn said worried 

"where's my phone do you have it tell me you have it"  I replied 

"oh umm yeah its in the car I'll get it for you" "okay i'll go with you" he said 

"okay I wonder whats going to happen tomorrow cause the paparazzi"s found out that were getting married" Zayn said with my phone in his hand 

"right well i really don't care well I go but for right now lets forget about it 

then we all went to bed 




_______________________________________________________________________________________________ sucks I know well whatever I am bored doing nothing but thinking about stupid shit ans well yup bye hope yup enjoy it follow me 

@brokenskiess well i may NOT update tomorrow cause I am going to my moms house and she has no wifi so YUP >.< BYE 


SHOUT OUT TO:     mariecrash and her fanfic Is He For Real 


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