Can't Keep Up With It Anymore

Tess and Zayn yes the Zayn Malik from One Direction has been going out over a year and six months.they both have a baby girl on the way.Tess also has a really close relationship with the boys from One Direction.Later on Tess finds out that Zayn has cheated on her but she lets it slide then Tess finds out that he cheated again on her since she really loves him she lets it slide but....... then Zayn finds out that he got the other girl named Kim pregnant.Before he knew he had proposed to Tess. Will Tess ever find out? Will Tess forgive Zayn? Will this make there relationship over? What will the boys from One Direction do?


14. The Management Meeting

Zayn P.O.V 

I told everyone else and it was wired because the girls had to go to. So, we all went in one big car and Liam was quite sad I guess it was because of what happened with him and Jakiee. well we ended up going. We all went in. It started with questions about the party we had on Tess birthday

Q: Why did you guys have that party  they asked 

A: It was a birthday party for Tess  I answered 

Q: What happened to the other two girls i believe there names were Jakiee and Irene 

A: Oh Jakiee left cause she caught Liam cheating on her in the party and since the girl he was kissing was Irene she went with Jakiee this morning

Okay so, that's it only for Monce, Jocelyn, Liam, Niall, and Louis. So may Tess, Zayn and Harry stay here and the rest can go. 

Tess was standing close to the door and she was about to leave but, she had to stay she was standing when he went over to her and got her hand I think to see if the ring was real. He looked at it and he sat her down and started 

Tess P.O.V 

He got my hand and looked at it. It was quite wired but he sat me down.

"Zayn when were you going to tell us that you proposed to Tess"  they said seriously 

"oh about that I was going to tell you before but me and Tess were going to tell you but, we had stuff to do." Zayn said protective 

"Like what kind of stuff going to the doctor with Harry Tess or cheating on Zayn with Harry and you Zayn to the fair were people found out about the engagement." They said kinda in your face 

"umm what how do you know that she went to the with me." Harry said 

"magazines." he said pulling one out 

"ohh well FYI i would never cheat on Zayn yes it's true that me and Harry went shopping but, nothing and trust me nothing ever happened between us." I said protecting myself 

"that is true." harry added 

"oh we have something to tell you and don't get mad." Zayn said 

" and what will that be." He said i text Zayn to tell me what was he going to tell him 

To Zayn: what are you going to tell him

From Zayn that your pregnant 

To Zayn: OH MY GOD, dude at the party I drank beer i'm scared 

From Zayn: What you nee to go to the doctor later 

To Zayn : umm okay 

"so what is it." he asked confused 

"what is what" i asked  

"the thing you guys were going to tell me."

"oh that umm well Tess is pregnant." 

"she's what now." i said surprised

"I'm scared what are you going to do." i said actually scared

"oh what congratulations." he said happy and i got reefed

"I'm I seriously that scary.'

"nope i was yeah you kinda were."

"oh by the way I need your Number cause this actually the first time we properly met and I need it for safety."

"umm okay its 989-876-5653"

"alright well you guys can go hope to see you guys soon not cause you guys got in trouble but because you guys are here for something good, okay."

"umm yeah sure i'll keep this girl out of trouble for you." Zayn said smiling at me 

" Okay well bye."

"bye." we all said in unison 


so what you think is going to happen at the doctors in the next chapter dun dun dun lol anyways sorry I think its kinda short but since tomorrow is Friday woooooh i'll update tomorrow that is if i don't have to go to places or i'm grounded I hope I don't yeaa so, comment I need some comments to see if people actually like this fanfic and if you do add this fanfiction to your faves list and like and become my fan or something anyways I got to go it's 9:41 ahh lol jk I sleep at 2:00 am doing nothing but read or play games. so bye COMMENT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT do it for the love of your electronics oh on that's so mean forget that i am so mean like seriously why would i say that but still i did and ill i was in your place i would read this and die if i didn't comment so um yeah comment please it would mean a lot :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) okay bye  

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