We all have secrets

I have red hair green cat eyes light freckles and a small scar on my left cheek.im a prostitue but im not a alut some times you need a jod badly. but what happens when I meet 1D and they all act like they care about me. Or do I shun them away because of my past I mean who would love a prostitue with secrets.


4. Truth or dare

Alyssa pov
When we got back the boys decided they don't want sex. Iran I was happy and all but honestly what is a point of a prostitue if you don't sleep with them. We all got into a circle and played dirty truth or dare. I don't know if you haven't realize but I'm a but of a player so I go and sit by zayn and Louis. Harry went first,"t or d zayn?" Um dare" he answer nervously. "Ok I dare you to make out with Alyssa for 15 seconds. Zayn looked at me worried i felt so bad he looked like a lost puppy in the rain. "U don't have to do anything if you don't want to I'm here for your wants." I said in his ear so only he could here. He looked at me and then smash are lips together his younger enter my mouth he graps my waist I grap the back of his head it was a passionate kiss I was so shocked. Your time is up you guys" Harry said trying to get us to stop.

Zayn pov
She has been so sweet to me an it made me want her more she wasn't pressuring me at all. And when we kissed it felt amazing. I wanted to punch Harry when he ended our kissed. "T or d Alyssa !" "D" "I dare you to jump Louis intil he's hard!"

Alyssa pov
I was thrown back by what he said I never expected those types of words to come out of his mouth. I walked over to Louis and brought him to the couch I climbed on him my leg on each side I grab him and start making out got to admit it was amazing. I then started grining on him. It took one minute when I started to get up Louis grap me back and begged me for more. I giggle and sit on him my legs in zayn laps. All the boys looked pissed as hell. When finish playing I was exabuasted I told Harry I would sleep with him. But he wanted the reL stuff. He was so forceful one beer to many I ran to zayn and he just hold me as I fell asleep in his strong arms he was so warm.
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