We all have secrets

I have red hair green cat eyes light freckles and a small scar on my left cheek.im a prostitue but im not a alut some times you need a jod badly. but what happens when I meet 1D and they all act like they care about me. Or do I shun them away because of my past I mean who would love a prostitue with secrets.


12. talking

Aylssa pov

"hey Liam what you doing here?" I ask  trying to put h silk rub on covering my almost naked body. "Um well.." He said nervous. "You wan something?" I said takin the robe off revealing my black lace push up bra with a bow in the middle and matching thongs."no l need to talk to you." "ok talk," l said coming  closer to him an inch away from him."well the thing is-" he kissed me. l kissed him back his hands moving up and down my waist my hand around his neck.

Liam pov

l didn't know what to do l was supose to ask her to go on the tour with me as my girlfriend but she was so kissable. So l went for it and kissed her. she pulled away making me a little sad. "Hey babe you-" Harry said walking in the room stopping when he saw me. "Hey Harry it three clock all ready?" she ask letting go of me and hugged Harry. he grin and gave her a kiss on the cheek, making me mad. When they let go of each other Aylssa said,"let me get my clothes on and then we can go." she said walking to another room getting her clothes. "What are you doing here?" Harry ask sitting down on one of the chairs. "l was going to ask her to-" l was interuppted by Harry's laughter. "WHAT?" l said agurvated. But before Harry could awnser Aylssa came out in pink jean short shorts and a blue shirt showing off her clevge.

Aylssa pov

When l walked in the room the boys stared at me. "take a picture it'll last longer!" I said slipping on my sandles. "so love you ready to go?" Harry asked. "are you two dating?" Liam ask with a worry expression. "No,Why?" l said flatly. "Harry seemed to like calling you babe and love, thats all." "But don't all of you call me that?" l said because it was true. "oh um yeh well better get going bye,'' he said walking out the door. "What just happen there?" l ask Harry confused. "l don't know lets just go back to the flat." he said grabing my hand and leading me to the door. The car ride was boring intil "Rock Me" came on. l laughed at the song because of my perverted mind, and Harry just gave me a funny look.

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