We all have secrets

I have red hair green cat eyes light freckles and a small scar on my left cheek.im a prostitue but im not a alut some times you need a jod badly. but what happens when I meet 1D and they all act like they care about me. Or do I shun them away because of my past I mean who would love a prostitue with secrets.


11. Next chapter

Alyssa pov "um l have to go to work bye l'll come back at 3"; l ask not sure.";What type of work?"; Zany ask worried. ";I work at a strip club Zayn. can one of you drop me off?"; l ask them all. ";l can take you l have to go to the studio soon anyway."; Harry said smiling his sweet innocent smile. ";thanks Harry."; l said smiling like an edoit. ";no problem,"; Harry said whip walking over to me. He then put his arm around my shoulder and walked out the door. I could hear Zayn trying to fight out of Liam grip and tackle Harry. I stopped at the door and whisphere in Harry's ear,";Are you ok?"; l ask rubbing his back. ";l don't know can you help me?"; he said winking at me. ";OH HARRY!"; l said a little louder then l planed and it sounded a little like l was enjoying something. ";come on let's go,"; Harry said pushing me out the door with his arm around my hip now. When we got in the car Harry said,"Can l kiss you?" he was nervous. I nodded. He leaned over and kissed me his hand was on my face my hands were on his hips he was going for my shirt when l stopped. "l am sorry-" l cut him off. " no it's fine just let's not do it in a car. Do you really have to go to the studio?" l ask "no l just needed an excuse." he said rubbing his back. "then come to my work." l said winking at him praying he would get the hint. "k let's go!" he said driving fast. When we got there l said hi to John who ran the club. Me and Harry went to the back room. When we were turn we were laying next to each other out of breath. "l should go you want me to pick you up at three?" he ask getting his clothes back on. I got my bra and panties on. "um yeh that would be great!" l said. "ok see you in a hour then." he said kissing my check and leaving. Great now to the pole! (SARCASM)
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