We all have secrets

I have red hair green cat eyes light freckles and a small scar on my left cheek.im a prostitue but im not a alut some times you need a jod badly. but what happens when I meet 1D and they all act like they care about me. Or do I shun them away because of my past I mean who would love a prostitue with secrets.


10. make up

Alyssa pov

I didn't know what to think yeh l am a flirt but if l don't flirt l don't get paid, well it use to be like that. When we walked in the boys all went quite and they just stared at us. "What?" me and Zayn ask at the same time. "it just-" "it just what?" Zayn said pissed off. "Mate calm down ok we aren't trying to offend you.'' Liam said he seems to be the one who conrtols everything. "me and Zayn talked and l think he would really apreciate if you don't metion it." l said before Zayn could snap at them. "ok we will stop." Niall said this looking grateful that this argument didn't go any farther


Auothor note

you guys l have serious writers block right now if yall have any ideas tell me PLEASE! ohh and does anyone want to co aouther if so tell me why in the comments below love yall bye.

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