We all have secrets

I have red hair green cat eyes light freckles and a small scar on my left cheek.im a prostitue but im not a alut some times you need a jod badly. but what happens when I meet 1D and they all act like they care about me. Or do I shun them away because of my past I mean who would love a prostitue with secrets.


5. l want her so bad!

Zayn pov When I woke up I saw Alyssa sleeping so peacefully I didn't want to wake her. I dried to slip away but her eyes fluttered open stating at me she had her eyes in a sparkle,"where's Harry?" She said confuse sitting up from my grasp. I was taken back by her question I was jealous god why so I always end up getting so attach to people easily. "Um I don't know you came in here crying." "Ohh o well u want some breakfast?" "Yeh sure lets go!" I said while running out there right behind her.

Alyssa pov

when l ask Zayn about Harry he seemed angry but l just said the word breakfest and ran downstairs. When l got down there l saw Liam leaning over the stove trying to cook pancakes, and the other boys fussing at him. l walked over to him while Zayn went and join the boys."it might help if you take care of your burns before you start to reflip." l said while looking grabing the first aid kit from the cabinet. "no l am fine." he said trying to flip the pancakes. l go turn off the stove remove the pan and grab his hand gently trying not to touch his burns. He tensed up at first but then followed. I sat on the couch and pulled him down infront of him. The boys stare at me like l was a magical creature, but l ignore it.

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