We all have secrets

I have red hair green cat eyes light freckles and a small scar on my left cheek.im a prostitue but im not a alut some times you need a jod badly. but what happens when I meet 1D and they all act like they care about me. Or do I shun them away because of my past I mean who would love a prostitue with secrets.


6. a little fun

Alyssa pov

l sat on the couch making Liam sit infront of me. I took his hand and gently, and pour the rubbing achole on it. "ah ah that stings!!!" he screamed out in pain. "Sorry l'll just wrap it up.'' l  wrapping his hand. then when l was done l grabbed his hands and kiss them saying,"there all better." l said while giggling he blushed and said,"thankyou" while getting up. "where do you think you are going?" l said trying to look mad. "to cook?" he said questiongly not sure if that was the right awnser. " Nope we r going to Mcdonald you are not cooking come on you guys you don't want Liam to hurt himself." l said with puppy dogs eyes tour the rest of them. "no of course not love!" harry said guickly. "good lets go!" l said while grabbing his hand and Louis and pull them of the couch going to the door. "hey who going to pull us!" Niall said trying to look hurt. " l'll pull you!'' l said while dropping harry and louis hand and grab both of Niall hands pulling him off the couch. l was running backwards when l ran into abody and made a sandwich out of me,Niall,and Zayn. AWKARD!!!!!!!!!''NIALLER get off of me!!" l said. "never" he said while making sure l couldn't escape. "HARRY HELP ME!!'' l said hoping harry would."okay" he said while running over to us,but instead of helping he jumped ontop of us. l moan in pain."you like that love?'' Harry said seducivly winking. "no you are hurting my ankle!" l said l was an bad pain. "WOULD YOU GT THE HELL OFF OF ME!!" Zayn said you can tell he wasn't having much fun. l wiggle at attemp to get up but all l did was flipp over me and Zayn's faces were inches apart. l decided to have a little fun. l start leaning in and he did to closing his eyes getting ready l  quickly go to his ears and said," please get them off me." l said he looked disapointed when l didn't kiss him but he said,"flip over and tickle Niall." he said smiling. l do a weird wiggle and face Niall. l slowly put my hands on his hip stroking back and forth trying to find his weak spot. he tenses up and l could fell him start to harden and then l found the spot were he squirm a little and began tickling in that one area. he starts squirming and looked like he was humping me l think Liam and Louis felt really akward but soon Harry fell off and then l push niall off. l then roll off Zayn and help him up. "thanks love," he said. "yeh no problem" l look down at my feet then l see a big bruise on my ankle starting to form. since l was only wearing booty shorts and a grey shirt l decided to joke around. the guys were all behind me talking about something except Zayn who was beside me. l bend straight over and start examing my ankle. l heard sinlence in the room and l felt them staring at my but. l quickly pop back up sexly and walk over to them and stand in the middle and said,"Harry you hurt my ankle.'' trying to look inoccent. ''I'LL CARRY YOU!!" louis said while picking me up bridal style to the car. l could feel his hands having some fun. l whispere in his ear,"down boy be a gentlemen." l said while giggling and him blushing. we make to the car and l end up in louis lap and my legs on Niall and feet on Liam. harry was sitting next to Liam. harry laid his head on my feet and began stroking my ankle, l flinch at first not expecting it but then l got use to it and it became relaxing. He knows how to treat a woman.

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