Katy finds out her dream came true, literally.


3. Sorting things out

"My dream land?" I said shakily to the small creature.

"Everything you've ever dreamed(about this place of course)comes true and comes here. I'm flinpin, here to help you" Said the creature, now known as Flinpin.

"Um...Hi Flinpin" I said.

"So, how about a tour?" He said. I nodded my head.

"Follow me!" He said. We walked across the grass and soon we were standing in a city. I looked back and the grassy field was gone, along with my backpack that was on my back just a few moments ago. 

"Now to the left is what we call Candy Land" Flinpin said, pointing off to a street with candy cane lights and gumdrop mailboxes.

"Just like my dream" I said. Flinpin slapped his forehead

"Of course! Why am I giving you a tour when you already know everything!" He said.

"But I don't know everything" I said.

"Thats the thing, when the time comes, you will know. You will know because you created this." He said, using little hand motions. 

"So I'm just going to go off on my own?" I said

"Hmm pretty much. Now, if you ever need me just whistle this tune!" Flinpin said. He whistled.

"The tune from the hunger games" I said. He nodded and smiled.

"So just walk. When it comes time for you to head on home, you will just be transported out of here!" He said. I remembered this part, and when I had been coming here enough I would stay here longer, but I didn't finish the dream.

"Don't worry" He said. He winked and just disappeared. I walked forward on a brick road where more creatures like Flinpin where waddling around, some with laundry baskets, some with kids. I remembered this. I had created a part of Toforge where it was kind of like and old time new York down town scene. Farther down the street was a green hill, with a well on it.

"Jack and Jill" I said. Behind that hill would be a forest with small houses with grass roofs and wood siding. I ran up the hill and looked over the side. I could see over the whole forest, and on the other end was a figure. It was to far away, I couldn't make it out. I walked to the bottom where the cottages were.

"Hey do you know whats on the other side of these woods?" I asked the elf-like creature.

"Not at all dear, no one has ever come back to tell" She said. I laughed a corny laugh and decided to go back to the 'old time New York' and see what kind of shops lined the streets. I was curious because those were some things I didn't dream up.

I walked into the first shop I saw. Everything was dusty and had cobwebs over it. This place seemed to be a library of history museum. Perfect, maybe I could find out more about where I was exactly. I opened the book, but felt a shock.

I opened my eyes to find myself holding a leaf. 

"I guess my time ran out" I said. I could see the mere outline of my cottage. I pulled out my ipod to see if it worked now. It turned on.

"5:30 already!" I said. I ran home just to run into my mother.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL DAY?" She said, obviously ticked off I was gone all day.

"Um..sorry. I got lost." I said. "It wont happen again."

"It'd better not!" She said. I had to be more careful. Was I really gone that long? At least I found that magical place I had always wanted. Well, at least I think. Its to good to be true. 


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