Katy finds out her dream came true, literally.


2. Finding Toforge

I trudged up the hill and into the forest where I had never been. Nothing new, nothing different. I was disappointing but was determined to find something new. I kept walking, skipping, sometimes jogging, and before long I was just frolicking through the woods. Singing my favorite songs and laughing, not realizing where I was going-and more importantly-not caring. I put my arms out like I was flying because no one was around and I didn't have a care in the world. I slowed to a spot and sat down. The fog was almost all gone now. I turned on my ipod to see what time it was, but it didn't turn on.

"Thats weird" I said to myself. I looked up at the sky, trying to find the sun but I couldn't. I could see light, but no sun. I shrugged it off and kept on walking. Humming along to my favorite tune. I heard a quite trickling noise. I stood still.

"Could that really be?" I said. I've actually always had wanted to find a small secret river like in my dream last night. With rocks pointing out and maybe a small toad here and there. I followed the noise to a wall of willow trees. I laughed and smiled.

"Oh my god!" I said. I was ecstatic. I put my arms through the willow's leaves, laughing. On the other side was a small river. I smiled big, this was so cool.

"And to think this was here the whole time!" I said. I put my feet in the river where little minnows swam. This place was perfect, just like my dream. I followed the river, to happy to think. I just walked, letting my feet take me to where they wanted to go. I came to the end of the river where a small pond was. A doe and two fawns looked up at me. The air was almost glowing, with specks of blue and purple floating in the air. I got a shiver down my back.

"This is weird, to weird." I said walking along the side of the pond. A chorus of frogs and crickets created a sweet melody. They took my mind off my current situation and once again I stopped thinking and started walking. This was my perfect place. I kept walking, soon the crunchy leaves turned into a soft moss. I stopped and moved my toes around. Looking up and the sky and laughing slightly. I kept on forward, keeping my head up at the trees, watching how they somehow changed from pine, to willow, to maple. I looked down at my feet again and realized I was now walking on grass. Short grass at first, becoming longer. Soon the grass was blowing in the breeze like my free-flowing hair. I took a deep breath in, closing my eyes. Pausing for a moment and letting all of the sounds and textures get to me. I looked ahead. There was a little light opening at the end of the forest.

"A meadow?" I said. "This day could not get any better." I ran towards the light, stopping just at the end of the woods. I closed my eyes and  took a big step into the light.  

When I opened my eyes I saw the most greenest of grass and a beautiful blue sky. I looked around, blue and purple sparkles were floating in the air again, this time I thought I heard them laughing. I saw a figure across the grass. My heart stopped, I walked forward and soon I realized it was a little man with a brown hat and brown pants. Overalls with a dirty blue shirt. Little elf shoes. He walked closer before he was standing right in front of me. He was just a little bit taller than my knee, about mid thigh. I was to scarred to move.

"Welcome to Toforge" He said. "Your dream land"

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