Give Me Love

Emilegh Samuels is a normal teenage girl. Blonde hair,Green eyes,Passing grades,Popularity and a beautiful boyfriend.Perfect right? Maybe to you but to Emilegh its a living hell.Her boyfriend is abusive druggie and her parents hardly listen. But what if someone changed that.Made your life better? And he did.


14. Truth Or Dare

Emilegh's POV

Me and Niall went to his room so I could change."If you want I could lend you a tee-shirt and some sweat pants." I smiled."Sure." I said lightly.He bit his lip.

I walked into his room as Niall followed.He looked through his bag and laid out the clothes on the bed."Here you are!Some comfy sweatpants and a tee-shirt.They might be a little big on you but you'll be cute anyway." He said.I could feel my cheeks get warm.Niall smirked."Your so cute when you blush,Emilegh." I bit my lip.Niall walked toward me,pushing a stray hair behind my ear.

He kissed me on the lips.Flashes of the kiss from earlier came back.I thought of harry but I couldn't stop! Not now.He put his hands on my waist,not breaking the kiss.

"I love you,Emilegh.I know about you and Harry,But i'm in to deep.There's no escape from you,Your always in my mind" I smiled.His words were like Harry's.

Niall pushed me to the bed with a cheeky smile on my face."I'll do whatever I can to make you mine." 

We were almost about to,You know,When we heard a knock at the door."Niall!? Emilegh!?" Shit! Its Harry! "Oh Jesus Christ" Niall said hopping of the bed and getting changed.His face was red.Niall was fully clothed and he left to open the door."Harry Hi! Emilegh is changing in my room and I was just about to make some snacks,Mind helping?" "Sure mate what are we making?"

I heard them walk into the kitchen.I sprang from the bed and put on the clothes Niall gave me quickly.

I walked out and saw Harry pouring chips and pretzels into a bowl.He turned around."Oh hey em." Harry was 'Playing cool' in front of Niall considering Harry thinks Niall doesn't know yet.Niall walked by me and whispered in my ear,"We're not finished yet." He winked and walked over to Harry.I blushed pretty hard.

"Whats wrong babe?You seem a little uneasy." "Oh! Aha nothing just a bit tired,Ya know?" He smiled."Oh.Were going to bed soon so don't worry."

We walked over to Harry and Lou's room.Liam,Zayn and Lou were sitting in a half circle."Just in time!Were about to play Truth or Dare!" I smiled and sat down next to Zayn and Liam.''As always,I'll start first." Louis said.

"Hm..Harry! Truth or dare mate?" I looked over at Harry.I could see Niall staring at me but I didn't want to look at him."Um,I'm gonna go with truth." "Pussy..." Louis mumbled.I giggled."Have you ever wanked off?" Harry blushed."Louis there's a women in the room!" "She doesn't count now answer the bloody question!" Harry looked down."Ugh...Come here..." Louis hopped over to him.Harry whispered in his ear."Ohh! He said-" Harry covered his mouth.

"Louis sh!" I giggled."Ok Emilegh your turn! Truth or dare?" "Dare I guess." "Aha." He said.Zayn wrapped his arm around me."Nothing to bad,Harry." He said with a chuckle."Ugh I should have picked truth..." Harry flashed his cheeky smile."Nope!" I sighed and smiled."Whats my dare then?" Harry thought for a minute.Louis gasped and whispered something in his ear.Harry blushed.


(A/N Haaaay guys :D I'm having major writers block! What should the dare be?thank you!.xx)

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