Give Me Love

Emilegh Samuels is a normal teenage girl. Blonde hair,Green eyes,Passing grades,Popularity and a beautiful boyfriend.Perfect right? Maybe to you but to Emilegh its a living hell.Her boyfriend is abusive druggie and her parents hardly listen. But what if someone changed that.Made your life better? And he did.


10. Sleep over.

Emilegh's POV

I was out on the balcony,Admiring the strawberry sky.It was getting cold so harry gave me his Jack Wills jacket."Hey." I heard a raspy British voice say. "Hey." I said not looking away from sky.

He put his arm around me and I slid into his warm,strong arms."The sky's so beautiful." I said ."Not as pretty as you,Love." I looked up at him,"Really?" I said with a smile.He nodded."I think you're gorgeous Emilegh." I smiled.His soft lips pressed against mine,and this time I kissed back.We kissed for a minute until we heard the door open.

"Harry!" I heard Louis scream.Harry pulled away quickly."Uh yeah Lou?" He said.You could tell he was nervous."Do you know where my jacket is? El's in town and I wanted to go to a party with her." He walked back into their apartment and gave him his jacket."Thanks mate.Bye Emilegh! Maybe tomorrow you could meet Eleanor!" I smiled."OK thanks." Louis patted Harry on the back."And don't forget protection." He said with a chuckle."Louis!" Harry said with a stutter."You kids have fun!" Louis ran out the door.

Harry sighed and walked back to me."Heh you know I wasn't going to do anything like that with you right?" He said.He looked like a scared little boy.I laughed."I know.Its ok." He smiled and then kissed me again."I really like you Emilegh." He said.My eyes widened."Really?" I said.I was shocked.He liked me?The Harry styles liked me?! Well obviously! He wouldn't be kissing you if he didn't!"If you don't want to you don't have to answer right away.Because I know you like Niall." "Niall!?" I said."I like you both,I mean your both very nice,but I like you to!I just..." He kissed me again.Deeper this time.Thank god he did because I had no idea where I was going with that.

''Give it time. I'm not rushing you." He said breaking the kiss."I like you though..."I said with a whisper.Harry smiled."Really?" He said with a smile.He looked at the time on his phone."Well its getting late.We should probably get to bed." He said with a wink.My heart melted.

(A/N Sorry it was late! I had writers block.What do you think of the ending? ;*<3 )

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