Give Me Love

Emilegh Samuels is a normal teenage girl. Blonde hair,Green eyes,Passing grades,Popularity and a beautiful boyfriend.Perfect right? Maybe to you but to Emilegh its a living hell.Her boyfriend is abusive druggie and her parents hardly listen. But what if someone changed that.Made your life better? And he did.


18. Lost Her.

Harry's POV

I swear I will kill Jacob.Touching my girl when she wasn't ready!? Shes a fucking teenager.That piece of shit.

I rolled into Starbucks and looked through the window.I saw her sitting with Eleanor laughing together.She was so cute when she laughed.She looked over at the door and looked a little discouraged.Did she see me?

She looked down and Eleanor looked over,but Emilegh stopped her.Just the a boy with a fading black eye came over with a beaming smile.Emilegh smiled and but wouldn't look him in the eye.

He sat next to her and put his arm around her.I felt my body get tense and my hands clench.Touching Emilegh..

"Harry,Stop.Its not him..It cant be.." I looked back and they were gone.Eleanor was looking around the cafe.

I got out and slammed the door,walking into Starbucks. El looked over at me,"Oh hey harry!" She said with a smile.I smiled back."Hey El,Where's Emilegh?" She sighed.

"One of her friends whisked her away from me.She seemed kinda scared i have know idea why she didn't stay.."

It was Jacob! that little prick..." "Jacob?Who's Jacob?" Emilegh didn't tell her?

"Her ex boyfriend.." She gasped."No way! The one that beat her up! Are you kidding! I should have known..."

"Where did they go?" I asked kind of scarred."They went through the back!" I clenched my hands harder and ran out through the back,Pushing others out of the way.

I slammed through the doors and looked around.I saw someone pushing someone in a car.Emilegh!

"EMILEGH!" I ran down the long alley way making my way to the car.Jacob looked back and smiled.He slammed the door and hopped into the back of the truck.There was about 3 guys in the truck.I pulled as much details on the car as i could,Knowing i was going to fail at catching up to her.

''I left her when she needed me most.I lost her....'' I stopped at the end of the street,I couldn't see the car anymore.

(What should happen?Comment below! Don't worry i'm not ending it i want to make this as long as possible so theres still time for niall to come up and claim her!)

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