Give Me Love

Emilegh Samuels is a normal teenage girl. Blonde hair,Green eyes,Passing grades,Popularity and a beautiful boyfriend.Perfect right? Maybe to you but to Emilegh its a living hell.Her boyfriend is abusive druggie and her parents hardly listen. But what if someone changed that.Made your life better? And he did.


17. I'm going out.

Nialls POV

It was 1:30 in the afternoon.Harry was in the shower and Emilegh went out with Eleanor for some coffee.

I hope she's ok now.Harry has been on edge all morning.Emilegh and him haven't spoke sense last night.I'm sure its awkward for them.

Harry walked out of the bathroom drying his hair with a towel."Wheres Em?" He said.

"Uh shes out with Eleanor." He nodded.He looked a bit sad.

"What happened last night?I didn't want to ask Emilegh.." Harry sighed and sat on the couch.

"Well she said she was ok to do it so we did..." He took a deep breathe."I had just..You know,And she had this look on her, like she was terrified.I asked if she was ok but she wouldn't answer.Then she started to mumble someones name...And that's when she started to scream." He ran his hands through his curls.

I patted his back."She was mumbling a name?" He nodded."Something like Jack?Jake?" "Jake was her ex..." He looked up at me."Jake?Why would she bring him up?" 

I scratched the back of my head."He..raped her..." Harry stared at me."What..."  Harry had a blank stare.You could tell he was angry.

"He was abusive and raped her..." Harry looked away.He started to laugh.It wasn't a pleasant laugh.He was angry."Oh wow.He really..." He stood up."I'm going for a drive.I'll be back in a hour or so?" 

Oh no..."Where are you going..?" I asked."Just to meet up with someone is all..." He went over to his bag and threw on a shirt.He grabbed his keys with a fist."Want me to come with you?"  I said nervously.

"No no its fine I can handle this." He waved and walked out the door.

Shit.This is not good at all.I ran down after him and called Emilegh.


"Emilegh! Hi uh Harry is kind of on a rampage to find your ex boyfriend..."

"WHAT!?? Why!?What did you tell him Niall."

I ran out the hotel doors but harry had already left."Jesus Christ...He wanted to know why you were talking about Jake during your 'Fun time' so i told him what i knew and he got a little pissed off.."

"He doesn't know where he lives so how can he find him?"

"I don't know! All I know is he stormed off!"

"Ugh.He'll probably come here...but I wont tell him.Jake is long gone and I'm over all of this."

I smiled."Your very strong,Emilegh."

"Thanks,Eleanor said I have to hang up because were having girl time." She said with a laugh.

I laughed along."Ok tell her I said hi! I'll see you later,Princess."

"Heh...Bye Nialler."

I hung up and looked around for Harry's car.I was still scared he'd find out where he was.With Emilegh's help or not.



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