Give Me Love

Emilegh Samuels is a normal teenage girl. Blonde hair,Green eyes,Passing grades,Popularity and a beautiful boyfriend.Perfect right? Maybe to you but to Emilegh its a living hell.Her boyfriend is abusive druggie and her parents hardly listen. But what if someone changed that.Made your life better? And he did.


22. Home Coming.

Niall's POV

I stood in the driveway of Emilegh's house with the boys.I was nervous...We rushed on the next plane here and we still didn't know if she was alive.

We rang the door bell and stood awkwardly,waiting.

I jumped and saw the door open to Isaac.He was about the same height as me,Maybe even taller.

"C-come in..." He said in a low tone.His voice was raspy,He must have been crying earlier.I had a bad feeling in my gut.

We walked in and were seated on the couch. Emilegh's father came thumping down the stairs.I instantly stood up.

"How is she,sir?" He sighed.

"She...She wont talk about anything.She's in shock.Her ribs are showing through her skin,and the bruises..." He let out a small tear.

"I'm sorry sir..."

He shook his head."She's been calling for you guys nonstop."

My heart was beating out of my chest.

"Can we go see her?"

He nodded."Don't force questions,She's still a bit on edge." We nodded and walked up the stairs.

We took a right turn and opened her door slowly.I was scared.What if he beat her...I'll kill the fucker...

I peeked in and saw her laying in her bed.She had a magazine in her hands so I couldn't see her face.

"Em?" I said.I heard a slight chuckle and then the magazine moved.

Her face...Black eye,Broken nose,Bruised jaw.

"We're all over this magazine,Front and back." She smiled.

"I missed that smile more than anything in the world..." I said choking up.I walked over to her bed and gave her a huge hug.

I snuck in a quick kiss on the cheek.

All the boys hugged and kissed her.She looked like she was in so much pain.

"So how are you?" I said smiling at her.I didn't want her to be to nervous,Though,she shouldn't have to be around me...

Harry sat at the end of her bed and rubbed her leg."I missed you,Em." He said in a hushed tone.I saw a few drops of tears fall from his cheeks.

"I'm sorry..." He said and wiped his tears."I should have chased you...I should have saved you.."

She sighed and weakly put her hand on his hand."It's not your fault Harry.Never say that.Whatever happened that day was my fault.I should have never left with him." She smiled."Now get over here and hug me,I can't move that well."

Harry wiped his tears and chuckled."That doesn't make me feel any better,love."

He hugged her tightly.

"We missed you em." Liam said.

"I missed you guys too.." She said with tears in her eyes.

Thank you god...Thank you.

(SHE'S OK! :D Really thought I would kill her off?Well there's only a couple more chapters until the last :D I hoped you like this as much as I did guys!.xx)





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